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A nearly $2 million contract for repairs to Italian Bar Road was approved by the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, more than two years after winter storms wreaked havoc on parts of the road and others throughout the area.

The project focuses on five out six sections of the road where landslides clogged roadside ditches and caused significant erosion along the sides of the roadway. 

Sierra Mountain Construction Inc., based in Sonora, was the low bidder for the project and received the contract for the work.

Three quarters of the project’s total cost will be reimbursed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency because of a major disaster declaration by President Donald Trump for the January 2017 storms that impacted many parts of California.

The state will pay for 18.75 percent of the project’s cost through the California Disaster Assistance Act, leaving the county to cover the remaining 6.25 percent.

It represents one of the last remaining repair projects for roads that were damaged by the January 2017 storms, with the exception of Rock River Road and one more section on Italian Bar Road that will be fixed separately.

Storms from January and March 2017 caused a total of $8 million in damage to county roads.


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