A man and a woman stuffed a duffel bag and a backpack with high-end bottles of champagne, scotch, tequila and vodka in two separate trips to Safeway at Crossroads Shopping Center in Sonora on Sunday, making off with over $2,000 worth of merchandise.

“Single bottle thefts happen all the time. Those are stolen for personal consumption,” said Sonora Chief of Police Turu VanderWiel. “The theft of this many this bottles, and especially high-end bottles, we suspect they are being sold for resale.”

The robberies took place between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Sunday. 

VanderWiel said they stole approximately 20 bottles out of locked glass display cases in the liquor aisle at the store. 

“It is believed they manipulated the lock to gain access, they didn't break anything,” he said.

A search is underway for those two suspects, as well as for two others suspected of burglarizing a Sonora home on Oct. 31.

Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Deputy Niccoli Sandelin said a burglary took place on Halloween at a home in Sonora and a man, woman and a blue vehicle were caught on a home surveillance system.

“The release of any further information (exact locations, times, etc.)  regarding this case is not warranted as releasing such details could be detrimental to the investigation and/or could violate the privacy of the victim,” he said.


Read more about the suspect searches in the Thursday edition of The Union Democrat. 


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