To a herd of wayward cows, it was a moooo point that sports have been halted due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Forty-five Black Angus cows and calves as well as a couple Herefords made a break from wherever they were supposed to be and gathered at Summerville High School Tuesday. 

The cows were mostly around the outside of the baseball field with a few on the field while others roamed around campus before baseball coach John Baldwin and director of maintenance operations and transportation Gilbert Hammerbeck began corralling them onto the baseball field to “make it easier for the owner to pick them up,” said Hammerbeck. Baldwin and Hammerbeck, both having experience with their own herds, walked the fence line around the school campus but found no break in the fencing.

Worried about the very pregnant cows, the nursing cows and the small calves, Baldwin turned on the sprinklers to cool them off in the already 90 degree weather at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The cows frolicked in the sprinklers obviously enjoying the water and made their way around the bases and outfield several times.

Baldwin and Hammerbeck provided troughs of water and periodic sprinkler time to keep the cows hydrated and cool while they waited for the owner to be identified and for them to be remooooved from the field.

By mid-day the owner had been located and the cattle were bused in groups of seven or eight from the baseball field to their nearby ranch. They didn’t get the memooooo that social distancing is being practiced at Tuolumne County School campuses.


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