Sonora Police on Tuesday released a video of the break-in at a candy shop in downtown Sonora, where money and a laptop was stolen early Nov. 26.

Police said they were not able to get identification from the video but hope someone can identify the clothing. They described the suspect as a white male adult, about 5'11" of medium to stocky build.

The right front door window of the Candy Vault at 42 S. Washington St. was smashed out by someone who took a laptop that was inside the business and about $200 from the register before fleeing the scene and leaving behind a trail of coins.

Sonora police received a call at about 2:30 a.m. from the business’s alarm company and responded to the store, but the suspect was nowhere to be found.

Evidence of an attempted break-in at Servente’s Saloon, located a few doors down from the Candy Vault, was also discovered by the owner later that same morning.

Marianne Wright, owner of Servente’s, said she found damage to the wood near the padlock on the front door along with scrapes and loosened screws on the back door that appeared as if someone had attempted to pry them open.

Wright said she reported the damage to the police Tuesday.

Steve and Nancy Leontie, owners of the Candy Vault, said they received a call from their alarm company and went to the store shortly after the window was broken out. They didn’t find any evidence of what was used to break the thick glass window.

“It’s a quarter-inch thick glass, so you’re not going to just punch through that,” Steve Leontie said.

Nancy Leontie said the culprit left a trail of coins out of the store that went along the sidewalk of Bradford Street and crossed South Green Street before coming to an end. She said they checked the bushes and trash cans in the area but didn’t find anything else.

The couple said they are in the process of getting the window replaced, which they estimated will cost about $600. They said it was the first major crime that happened at the business since they’ve owned, which will be two years next month.


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