Columbia State Historic Park maintenance employees worked restored a historic wall that runs along Parrotts Ferry Road and Jackson Streets in Columbia. The wall, which sits about knee high and was built in the 1930s, has been damaged many times throughout the years by large vehicles making the turn from Parrotts Ferry onto Jackson Street.

“Over the years it's been rebuilt many times, but this time we poured a concrete footing and are reinforcing it with tied rebar” said Ryan Canutt, Columbia State Historic Park maintenance mechanic.

Canutt and park maintenance worker Russ Loberg added mortar and carefully placed pieces of quartz, granite and marble.

“This is definitely a restoration as opposed to buying cultured or manufactured stone,” said Canutt. “We are using materials native to Columbia.”

In the 1930s, whatever materials could be found were used to build walls, he said. They found some cut marble that was originally mixed into the wall.

The wall borders the property of a state-owned residence, one of 25 around the State Park that house employees. This particular home has been recently renovated by Bob Ragan Construction. 

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