Calaveras County sheriff badge

A Calaveras County sheriff’s law enforcement dog recently bit a man at the dog handler’s home, the dog bite was reported to the Sheriff’s Office on Thursday afternoon, and the Sheriff’s Office released a statement about it Friday afternoon.

The Sheriff’s Office described what happened as a “Calaveras County Sheriff’s Off Duty Canine Incident.”

The victim, the dog handler, and the dog were not identified. The location and the town where the dog bite happened were also not disclosed.

The incident was reported to the Sheriff’s Office at 3:30 p.m. Thursday. Sheriff’s staff said they learned one of the department’s trained law enforcement dogs “was involved in an off duty dog bite that resulted in injury.”

The victim was described only as a male and the Sheriff’s Office did not disclose his age or relationship to the dog’s handler. The dog-bite victim was taken to an unnamed hospital for treatment of injuries.

The Sheriff’s Office assigned their own investigators to look into what happened and to isolate the law enforcement dog “until the cause of the bite can be determined.”

The dog was being quarantined by an outside vendor that focuses on law enforcement-related training and certifications, sheriff’s staff said. The dog will also do a series of tests to re-evaluate its fitness for duty.

A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to questions about the dog-bite. 

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