Calaveras County sheriff badge

A Murphys man held deputies at bay for several hours Saturday, ultimately firing several shotgun rounds at officers.

Deputies, who were called to the 4000 block of El Camino Casale Road shortly after 9 p.m., saw a man inside with a shotgun, according to a news release from the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office.

After officers talked to the man, a woman came outside as the man pointed the gun at her.

Officers attempted to negotiate with the man for several hours before firing “less than lethal law enforcement product” at him, the release said.

He fired the shotgun at them and they returned fire, the release said..  

The man came out through the garage with his hands up but did not comply with orders. He lifted his shirt to show deputies he had a handgun. The release said the man made several sudden and quick movements toward the gun and asked deputies to shoot him.

“Deputies fired a less-lethal round striking the suspect,” the release said. And then the man ran back into the house.

Finally the man came out, struggled with deputies but was placed under arrest.

The suspect was identified as 48-year-old Alexander Koorkoff, who was taken to a local hospital for what was described as a “non-related medical issue” before being booked into Calaveras County Jail. He was charged with assault with a firearm, corporal injury to a spouse, resisting officers and brandishing a weapon,

Deputies involved were placed on administrative leave as is standard in an officer-involved shooting.

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