US Forest Service emblem

The temporary closure order for the Stanislaus National Forest and others that was set to expire today has been extended through Sept. 21, the U.S. Forest Service announced Monday night.

Regional Forester Randy Moore, for the service’s Pacific Southwest Region, made the decision that affects all campgrounds, trails and public recreation areas, including Pinecrest Reservoir.

A ban on all fire ignition sources, including campfires and gas stoves, will also remain in place.

The Stanislaus National Forest and seven others in California that are part of the service’s Pacific Southwest Region have remained entirely closed to the public since Sept. 7, when officials issued the original order due to the number of wildfires burning across the state.

Two days later, the service announced that all 18 national forests in the state would be temporarily closed.

Stanislaus National Forest officials noted in a Facebook post at 10 p.m. Monday announcing the closure’s extension that conditions are still very smoky throughout the forest.

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