A Jamestown man is dead after a confrontation Tuesday afternoon with sheriff's deputies at a Jamestown apartment complex.

Kimana Councilman said the man was her father, Richard Councilman. 

“My father was a very honest and loving man," she said. "But he was mentally ill. That’s what got us in the situation we are in. He is dead. They came to arrest him and he made the decision knowing wholeheartedly what would happen if he fought back and he made the decision to do so anyway. My father would have rather been dead than in prison."

The incident began sometime after 2 p.m. Tuesday at an apartment complex on Preston Lane

Jadin Hernandez, 14, lives about 200 yards away from the shooting, and said she heard three shots as she was listening to music.

"I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was the garbage dumpsters being hit with rocks or sticks. It wasn't until I took our dog out for a walk that I saw all the cops and realized it was gunshots," she said.

Other people in the apartment complex said they heard five shots. A crowd quickly gathered as officers, including Sheriff Bill Pooley arrived on the scene .

District Attorney Laura Krieg was on the scene as well. She told an officer maintaining a perimeter she needed to do a walk through.

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