Nolan Dart

No. 30 Nolan Dart hands off to Jonny Lozano.

Individual all-league awards and all-league academic teams have been announced by Mother Lode League high school football programs, and players from Bret Harte, Calaveras, Summerville and Sonora are among the honorees.


2019 MLL players of the year

Calaveras quarterback Nolan Dart was named Mother Lode League offensive player of the year.

Sonora end Gabe Milbourn and Calaveras lineman Donivan Giangregorio were both named MLL defensive players of the year.

Amador lineman, linebacker and kicker Nash Wylie was named the Mother Lode League’s most valuable player.


1st team all-MLL

Tyler Peoples of Calaveras and Mark Camara of Sonora were named to the Mother Lode League 1st team offensive line. Calaveras running back Clayton Moore, Sonora quarterback Nick Crockett, and Summerville quarterback Jaden Brocchini were also named to the Mother Lode League 1st team offense.

Josh Fernandez of Sonora and Kodiak Stephens of Bret Harte were named to the all-league 1st team defensive line. Zeke Martinez of Calaveras named an all-league 1st team defensive end.

Elijah MacDonald of Sonora and Blain Mossa of Calaveras were named all-league 1st team linebackers. Jonny Lozano of Calaveras, Hunter Brewer of Sonora, and Titus Shirley of Summerville were named Mother Lode League 1st team defensive backs. Adrew Celli of Calaveras was named all-league 1st team punter.

Adam Ange of Bret Harte, Tristan Wilson of Calaveras, Joziah Bradford of Sonora, and Nick Veach of Summerville were named 2019 Mother Lode League character players.


2nd team all-MLL


The 2nd team all-league team for the Mother Lode League includes Bret Harte players Tyler Cabral, Kenny Scott, Adam Ange, and Emanuel Nava; Calaveras players Jake Black, Cole Heath, Tim Alec, Caden Villegas, and Jake Hopper; Sonora players Valor Ferris, Justin Morgan, Joziah Bradford, and Jacob Taylor; and Summerville players Gavin Andrews, Chase Ryan, and Josh Caldera.


2019 MLL all academic

The Mother Lode League’s all academic team includes Kodiak Stephens, Karol Okulski, and Juanmanual Alvarado De La Cruz of Bret Harte; Donivan Giangregorio, Michael Seely, and Elijas Tanner of Calaveras; Nathaniel Winans of Sonora; and David Shirley, Daniel Gregston, Joshua Caldera, Jaden Brocchini, Hayden Fleming, Louis Rieger, Chase Ryan, Michael Dean, Triston Morgenstern, and Philip Jones of Summerville.


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