California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control has suspended the alcohol sales license for the Dollar Plus Store at 54 California St. in Valley Springs over alleged violations that occurred in the first two months of the year and in August.

Alcohol sales at the store are prohibited for five weeks until late November, according to a news release from ABC.

Two separate accusations of illegal activity were filed against the store by ABC agents.

The first was filed by ABC agents from the department’s Special Operations Unit, who “discovered illegal drug paraphernalia at the store and sold purportedly stolen property to a store clerk on five separate occasions in January and February,” the news release said.

The second accusation was filed by ABC agents from the Stockton District, who determined the store sold alcohol to a minor on Aug. 28.

The store owner signed two separate stipulation and waiver agreements waiving rights to a hearing before an administrative law judge and accepting ABC’s penalties. The store owner also agreed to a 20-day suspension for selling drug paraphernalia and purchasing purported stolen property, as well as a 15-day suspension for selling alcohol to a minor.

Both suspensions will be served back-to-back, and the store cannot sell alcohol for a 35-day period ending Nov. 24, the news release said.

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