Calaveras arrest

A man went to Calaveras County Superior Court last week and allegedly tried to hide a doll containing 9.6 grams of meth in landscaping outside before he reached security at the building entrance in San Andreas, Sheriff’s Office communications staff said Wednesday.

Calaveras County sheriff’s deputies were on-duty doing security at the courthouse entrance on Friday. They saw a man get out of a vehicle and walk toward them. He then “detoured from the main path and placed something in the landscaping before entering the building,” Sheriff’s Office communications staff said.

Deputies who observed the man’s detour then searched the area where it looked like the man had placed something in low, knee-high shrubs outside the court building, and they found a toy doll made of wood containing multiple packets of methamphetamine.

The court security deputies called narcotics enforcement personnel, who responded from the sheriff’s headquarters about a hundred yards from the courthouse entrance.

The man who allegedly hid the toy doll with the meth in it came back outside from the courthouse and walked to where the doll had been hidden, and then deputies arrested him. The doll and its contents were taken into evidence.

The arrested man was identified as Oscar Freer, 35, of San Andreas. He was booked at Calaveras County Jail on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance, and on an existing bench warrant for failing to appear at court on previous narcotics charges. Sheriff’s Office communications staff said Freer was being held on $30,000 bail.

Sgt. Greg Stark with the Sheriff’s Office said the man was there to clear up a warrant relating to previous drug charges.


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