Jason Cowan
The Union Democrat

Discolored water has been flowing out of the pipes of Calaveras County Water District customers in Rancho Calaveras and La Contenta, according to a news release.

Joel Metzger, a spokesperson for the district, said the discoloration was caused in part by the demand for water during the hot weather and a recent fire.

An increase in the velocity in the water scraped off excess minerals along the pipes that had accumulated during the drought, which had prevented the district from the typical buildup.

Despite the discoloration, Metzger said the water is completely safe to drink.

“Even though mineral is in there, it is not a threat,” Metzger said. “(It just) may not be the most desirable looking.”

Metzger said, it could happen again because it is not uncommon for water districts to have minerals build up within water pipes.

Emergency water restrictions lifted

The CCWD Board of Directors voted on May 25 to remove the drought emergency water conservation restrictions, according to a news release.

The decision came after the State Water Resources Control Board changed its emergency water conservation standards in May. The removal allows each district to dictate its own conservation standards based on water supplies.

The news release stated, by calculations required from the State Water Resources Control Board, the district does not have a shortage and will not even if dry conditions continue three additional years.

Despite the lifted conservation, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order that mandates various rules such as not using potable water on public street medians and watering outdoors during or after rainfall.