Marriages recorded Sept. 2 through Sept. 6 (wedding date given):

Aug. 17 — Jared Daniel Nunn and Miranda Fallon Muffaletto

Aug. 24 — Kevin Austin White and Rachel Jordan Fountain

Aug. 24 — Matthew Richard Kruszewski and McCall Christine Perry

Aug. 31 — Jeffrey Albert Hanson and Julian Kay Schoon

Sept. 1 — Brandon Craig Thompson and Ashley Marie Gee

Sept. 3 — Jeremiah Alan Williams and Sarah Marie Ellett

Sept. 5 — Harold Mack Denton and Mary Patricia Sanders

Births recorded Sept. 2 through Sept. 6 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

Aug. 17 — A boy, Kaison John Conrad, to Daniel WIlliam Conrad and Tracy Diane Bennet

Aug. 25 — A girl, Elaina Jeanne Carsner, to Matthew Ryan Carsner and Alexis Monique Cognetti

Aug. 26 — A girl, Everlee Mae Otwell, to Shane Micheal Otwell and Melissa Nicole Nunley

Aug. 27 — A girl, Juliet Rose Niedens, to Jeromey Lee Niedens and Sarah Nicole MIller

Aug. 27 — A girl, Aaliyah LaShelle Richie, to Sean Michael Richie and Nicole Marie Mainard

Aug. 27 — A boy, Easton James Stewart, to Eli James Stewart and Alisa Marie Morgan

Aug. 29 — A girl, Ashlyn Grace Leatherman, to Jason Michael Leatherman and Monica Leeann Mejia

Aug. 29 — A boy, Oliver Everett Andrade Thiebes, to Martin James Anthony Thiebes and Elizabeth Elaine Montoya

Aug. 30 — A boy, Alan Ornelas-Martinez, to Jose Zacarias Ornelas and Ana Karen Martinez

Aug. 30 — A girl, Loretta Ann Vallotton, to Thomas Christian Vallotton and Ekaterina Luzhanina

Aug. 31 — A girl, Ella Lilith Meitzel, to Domenick Tyler Meitzel and Daenara Lynn Watson

Sept. 2 — A boy, Domari Aiden Nicholson, to Dominique Aaron Nicholson and Mari Chante French

Sept. 2 — A girl, Dakota Jean Stahl, to Jason Richard Stahl and Rachel Noel Doyle

Sept. 9 — A boy, Brady James Eads, to Bruce Darrell Eads and Kristen Nicole Eastom

Sept. 4 — A boy, Colin Angus Hance, to Matthew Leo Hance and Michelle Eileen McCrea

Sept. 4 — A boy, Branch Walker Hurst, to Thomas Josiah Hurst and Emily Carol Ebbett

Deaths recorded Sept. 2 through Sept. 6:

Augt. 14 — Paul Jackson Collins

Aug. 18 — Laureen Gail Eversole

Aug. 23 — Bonnie Jean Stevens

Aug. 25 — Jake Aaron Wiebe

Aug. 28 — Alta Windfield Gray

Aug. 28 — Richard Walker Rodrigue

Aug. 31 — Lee Ferguson Batt

Aug. 31 — Lawrence William Fleenor Sr.

Aug. 31 — Gideon Knight Hanson

Sept. 3 — Patricia Ann Miller

Sept. 4 — Paul Keene Becker

Sept. 4 — Cheryl Lynn Lawson