Marriages recorded Aug. 12 through Aug. 16 (wedding date given):

June 15 — Forrest Edwin Campbell Jr. and Lynette Christine Cannon

Aug. 3 — Miriam Maria Sagastume and Jose Alfredo Abalos

Aug. 10 — Jacob Warner Alford and Joycelynn Nichole Rebeiro

Aug. 10 — Donte Rashawn TUrner and Kayla Marie Dickerson-Childers

Births recorded Aug. 12 through Aug. 16 (mother's maiden name given in most entries):

July 27 — A boy, Johonah H Choi, to Aaron Gabriel Choi and Vivien Lisa Rippe

Aug. 3 — A girl, Ariya Alaniz Roe, to Patricia Alaniz Roe

Aug. 7 — A boy, Kevin Christopher Nathan Elsberry, to Michael Philip Elsberry and Alicia Marie Seal

Aug. 7 — A girl, Kamryn Reanne Macenzie, to Lee McArthur Mackenzie and Rebekah Leanne Garvin

Aug. 8 — A boy, Jesse Dustin Forgues, to Jesse Dutin Forgues and Jennifer Marie Croslin

Aug. 8 — A boy, Grady Joel Holcomb, to David Eugene Holcomb and Lydia Ruth Bacher

Aug. 8 — A girl, Lorelei June Livingston, to Nathan David Livingston and Lauren Nicole Rawlinson

Aug. 9 — A girl, Pyper Lynn Robicheaux, to Paul William Robicheaux and Cierra Marie Tittsworth

Aug. 10 — A girl, Nayeli Radine WIlson, to Brandon Joseph Marcus WIlson and Evelyn Radine Petts

Aug. 11 — A boy, Ashton Christopher Fox, to Kevin Christopher Fox and Cailin Dentley

Aug. 12 — A girl, Ellie Joy Allen, to Joshua Ross ALlen and Carissa Jade Stewart

Aug. 12 — A girl, Baylee Marie Morgan, to Michael James Morgan and Heather Elizabeth Fant

Aug. 12 — A girl, Haven Mae Porter, to Jordan Robert Porter and Olivia Lauren Manuel

Aug. 13 — A girl, Charlotte Reigh Cheatwood, to Chase Reno Cheatwood and Kaylie Elise Taylor

Deaths recorded Aug. 12 through Aug. 16:

Aug. 2 — Bill O’Leary Logan

Aug. 4 — Terrance ‘TJ’ Eugene Predmore Jr.

Aug. 7 — Sheila Diane Murphy

Aug. 10 — Cecilia Emma Minarik

Aug. 10 — William ‘Bill’ Joseph Roberson

Aug. 11 — Marjorie Mable Hofer

Aug. 12 — Vonnie June Adams

Aug. 12 — Vernon Douglas Penn

Aug. 13 — Garnet Richard ‘Dick’ Nelson