Marriages recorded Aug. 5 through Aug. 9 (wedding date given):

July 27 — Andrew Rosenbaum and Kimberly Ann Kellogg

Aug. 3 — Todd William Underwood and Tanja Gisela Wright

Aug. 3 — Alan Harvey Brown and Cynthia Ann Dexter

Aug. 3 — Christopher James Garcia and Michelle Lynn Kuerz

Aug. 5 — Duane Edward Still Jr. and Denise Nicole McCollom

Aug. 8 — Robert Lee Coates and Jolene Danielle Barstow

Aug. 9 — Corey Afton James Ross and Kathaleen Marie Cotrell

Aug. 9 — Amador Morales Celestino and Veronica Diaz Hernandez

Births recorded Aug. 5 through Aug. 8 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

July 30 — A boy, Julian Ryan Buehner, to Kenneth Wilson Buehner and Kathrine Ashley Belfield

July 31 — A girl, Arlia Narin Mansfield, to Eli WJ Mansfield and Brianna Renee Wisegarver

Aug. 1 — A girl, Alivia Alice-Anne Nichols, to Kevin Matthew Nichols and Casey Rae Kerr

Aug. 3 — A boy, Carter Ryan DeGiobbi, to Nicholas Edward DeGiobbi and Jasmine Nicole King

Aug. 4 — A boy, Maxwell Robert Griffin, to Matthew Miles Griffin and Alicia Marie Helton

Aug. 6 — A girl, Xaila Amor Hayes, to Mathan (cqed) Anthony Foss and Megan Irene Wellmaker

Aug. 8 — A boy, Harlen Haze Clark, to Joseph Paul Clark and Holly Lynn Blackwood

Deaths recorded Aug. 5 through Aug. 8:

July 29 — Laurel Lynn Pitney

July 31 — John Charles Warner

Aug. 1 — Richard Goodwin Pollock

Aug. 6 — LaDonna Joy Poe