Marriages recorded July 29 through Aug. 2 (wedding date given):

July 19 — James Ryan Busch and Bethanie Lynn Anderson

July 20 — Wesley Jon Bowser and Ashly Renee Cover

July 27 — Matthew Christopher Rodden and Sarah Lane Gundlach

July 27 — Joshua Paul Woods and Jaqueline Susanne Heaton

July 27 — Tait James Mele and Emma Corcoran

July 31 — Jaime Garcia Carrasco and Sinayh Vasquez Montes

Aug. 1 — Maxwell Scott and Willow Arielle Flowers

Aug. 2 — Gary Joseph Wedden and Megan Breanne Webster

Births recorded July 29 through Aug. 2 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

July 24 — A boy, Mitchell Arthur Forbes-Holley, to James Malcolm Forbes and Lauren Grace Hobbs

July 24 — A girl, Jeslan Charlize Christine Guerrero, to Kamarah Amajen Christine Guerrero

July 25 — A boy, Biaeden Madix Acedo, to Joshua Mlchi Acedo and Jocelyn Kristine Malinowski

July 26 — A girl, Clementine May Minick, to Aaron James Minick and Stephanie Rose Artzer

July 27 — A boy, Elwood Dennis Dresser, to Michael Rishard Dresser and Renee Leevon Fox

July 28 — A girl, Madalyn Ann Dunlap, to Quintin Paul Dunlap and Ashley Ann Woita

July 28 — A girl, Briaunna Dakota Lynn Wilson, to Brandon Raymond Dean Wilson and Julieanne Marie Call

July 29 — A boy, Jaxtyn Scott Campbell, to Eric Scott Campbell and Alisha Dawn Lynch

July 29 — A boy, Micah Andrew Flora, to Jamin Andrew Flora and Hannah Kate Garber

July 30 — A boy, Beckett Wilder Gauthier, to Nick Albert Gauthier and Victoria Lorraine Anderson

July 30 — A girl, Liannah Marie Johnson, to Clayton Forrest Johnson and Michelle Marie Colopy

July 30 — A boy, Porter Frederick Johnston, to Kyle Andrew Johnston and JEssica Nicole Corley

July 30 — A girl, Evelyn Sage Ward, to Iain Conor Ward and Vanessa Laura-Ann Neill

July 31 — A boy, Lincoln James Fletcher, to Brandon GLen Fletcher and Cindylynn Ann DeBates

Deaths recorded July 29 through Aug. 2:

July 5 — Kelly Joseph Shoemaker

July 16 — Luna Rae Matthews

July 19 — John Thomas Lorber

July 20 — Tina Rae Ackerman

July 23 — David A. Nogue

July 26 — Aritina Cotruta

July 27 — Devin Cole Sonnenfelt

July 29 — John Paul Berry III

July 29 — Alicia Caroline Clisham

July 29 — Terry Lynn Eckles

July 30 — Ruth Ann Gonzales