Tuolumne County

Marriages recorded July 8 through July 12 (wedding date given):

June 22 — Jacob Ryan Reibin and Ashley Nicole Pittman

June 30 — Kevin Bryan White and Elizabeth Jane Mansfield

July 4 — Michael Jay Epperson and Heidi Ruth Bylsma

July 6 — Jeremy Wayne Keith and Jackie Lehan Beasley

July 7 — Thaddeus Melvin Jacobs and Stefanie Leeann Stepp

July 10 — Christopher Paul Ives and Jennifer Kyndra Artzer

July 10 — Brenden Skyler Toney and Jaycelynn Moira Capone

Births recorded July 8 through July 12 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

June 26 — A girl, Balkyrie Rein Hornibrook, to Owen Adams Hornibrook and Victoria Rein French

June 27 — A boy, Ethan Aurelio Solis, to Huber Solis and Madison Clare Smith

June 27 — A girl, Violet June Wilkinson, to Lucas Rand Wilkinson and Katheryn Bernadette Kiehl

June 28 — A boy, Lincoln David Banks, to Conner Joseph Banks and Brittany Claire Choate-Kagel

June 29 — A boy, Trenton Noel Freitas, to Aaron Noel Freitas and Pearl Elaine Johnson

June 29 — A girl, Hadley Rose Inwood, to Tyler Dorian Douglas Inwood and Callie Rose Fischer

June 29 — A girl, Mira Lilly McDonald, to Benjamin Riley McDonald and Alexis Elizabeth Bryan

June 30 — A boy, William Vondolee Callahan, to Sean Matthew William Callahan and Tamela Lee Hinshaw

June 30 — A girl, Ava Rose Silva, to Brandon Michael Silva and Kimberly Ann Poggetti

July 1 — A boy, Bennett Bradley Carrell, to Amanda Gwynn Carrell

July 1 — A girl, Maebelle Kailynn Lay, to Anthony William Lay and Frances Diane Barnes

July 7 — A boy, Cruz Douglas Podesta, to Jason Frank Podesta and Kayla Renee Questo

July 3 — A girl, Florence Irene Mann, to Gabriel Rudolf Mann and Elspeth Alice Hamilton

July 3 — A boy, Cypress Fox Winkler, to Samantha Marie Winkler

July 4 — A girl, Daelyn Kenna-Belle Dryden, to David Johannes Dryden and Katie Lynn La Pratt

July 4 — A boy, Arthur James Scholz, toTyler Lewis Scholz and Cortney Marie Sandoval

July 5 — A boy, Eathan Matthew Boegner, to Christopher John Boegner and Magda Odilia Canastuj Xiloj

July 6 — A girl, Rylynn Rachell Bahr, to Randy Jaes Bahr and Shawn Carol Cowperthwaite

July 8 — A girl, Willow Grace Martinez, to Henry Martinez and Brittany Sierra Breaux

July 9 — A boy, William Thomas Roraback III, to WIlliam Thomas Roraback Jr. and Erica Rene Mullins

Deaths recorded July 8 through July 12:

June 5 — Christopher Michael Mangan

June 30 — Constance Louise Birdsall

July 1 — Russell Lee Carpenter

July 1 — Dorothy Jane Huenergardt

July 2 — Christopher Quick Persson

July 3 — Doris Jean Colpron

July 3 — Maryann Morgenthaler

July 3 — Drew Robert Stricker

July 4 — George Henry Sanderson

July 4 — Robert James Thurman

July 7 —Arcadio John Barreras

July 7 — Mixine Duvall

July 7 — Mariann Kay Welch

July 10 — Diann Faith Kaiser