Marriages recorded June 17 through June 21 (wedding date given):

June 8 — Barry Samuel Krasow and Leandra Steenkamp

June 8 — Michael Carney Nederostek and Natalie Martine Dwyer

June 15 — Jacob Whatt Travis Hall and Lillian Katelyn Gaskill

June 15 — Samuel Marvin Kanter St. John and Kylie Quinn May

June 17 — Valente Hernandez-Arreola and Monica G. Alvarez Valos

June 18 — James Anthony McKay and Jolysa Emily Thibodeaux

June 19 — Wyatt Alexander Owen and Alyssa Christine Caughey

June 21 — Bradley Joel Williams and Shalene Belinda Fender

Births recorded June 17 through June 21 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

June 10 — A girl, Trinity Morgan Weeks, to Jarred Daniel Weeks and Nichole Ann Barrett

June 12 — A girl, Zoe Lucille Harriet Beal, to Garrett Steven Beal and Melissa Susanne Urquhart

June 12 — A boy, Ryker Alan Hardcastle, to Alex Wayne Hardcastle and Trystan Faith Logoteta-Warren

June 14 — A girl, Emma Grace Brown, to Trent Tavis Brown and Britton Ashley Langford

June 14 — A girl, Amaryllis Solara Buxton-Beach, to Christopher Lawrence Buxton-Beach and Aleena Amy Bjorson

June 14 — A boy, Jack James Glazebrook, to Jamison Connor Glazebrook and Hannah Denise Newman

June 14 — A boy, Tyson Joseph Greenmyer, to Caleb Jeremy Greenmyer and Sierra Renee Burwick

June 14 — A girl, Zinnia Megan-Klara Moore, to Jason Daniel Moore and Megan Michelle Pritchard

June 15 — A girl, Juliette Elaina Joubert, to Pierre Paz Joubert and Marijke Lindsey Moes

June 16 — A girl, Katilynn Rae Baker, to Clayton Raymond Baker and Natosha Nicole Buchanon

June 17 — A girl, Ari Blair Bundesen Howard, to Anthony Michael Howard and Alison Marie Pelfrey

June 17 — A boy, Adam Jacques Riggs, to Nikiki Rose Riggs

June 19 — A girl, Abigail Rose Butt, to Jesse Daniel Butt and Kimberley Rose Holt

June 19 — A girl, Summer Lee Sanders, to Scott Lee Sanders and Thi Ly Thach Son

Deaths recorded June 17 through June 21:

June 11 — Renata V. Carbone

June 14 — Barbara Joan Crawford

June 14 — Prudence Ann Grider

June 14 — Paul S. Ludwig

June 14 — Mauvoreen Leryse Ramsland

June 14 — Christopher A. Robinson

June 15 — Teresa May Hasting

June 15 — Brysen Charles Uecker

June 20 — Shirley Kay Johnson