Marriages recorded June 3 through June 7 (wedding date given):

May 25 — Colby Lavern Dirickson and Kaitlyn Michelle Maxwell

May 28 — Retta Nichole Jackson and Sabrina Lazicic

June 1 — Jesse Colton McMurray and Lily Julia Harris

June 1 — Dennis Wayne Roseno and Vicki Dean Burgman

June 1 — David Leon Pineda and Mary Margaret Ingles

June 1 — Jonah Matthew Funk and Emily Ann Beluardo

June 1 — Patrick Kyle Foster and Alissa Ann Davis

June 3 — James Dylan Moriarty and Alyssa Marciana Leija

June 6 — Donald Ray Epps Jr. and Lotti Michelle Henault

June 7 — Christopher Allen Kruueger and Ashley Marie Latini

Births recorded June 3 through June 7 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

May 27 — A boy, Samuel Lee Forrester, to Kristopher Allyn Forrester and Amanda Rae Everist

May 27 — A girl, Penelope Jade Tuana-Pierazzi, to Nicholas RObert Tuana and Jennifer Dianne Pierazzi

May 28 — A girl, Chloe Jean Cashara, to Matthew Alzado Cashara and Laura Jean Richmond

May 29 — A girl, Avery Michelle Armstrong, to Todd Brenden Wayne Armstrong and Brooke Marie Flynn

May 29 — A girl, Kaylee Grace Fernandes, to Amber Brianne Fernandes

May 29 — A boy, Samuel Mark Ferris, to Gavin Mark Ferris and Hannah Jillian Clark

May 30 — A girl, Emma Rosetta West, to Daniel Robert West and Mallory Rosetta Mozingo

May 31 — A boy, Ryu (cqed) Joseph Inocencio, to Christopher Ocampo Inocencio and Savannah Nicondra Gomez

June 2 — A boy, Jameson Robert Rishel-Wilk, to Judah Robert Wilk and Melissa Roberson

June 2 — A boy, Oliver James Sanches, to Travis James Sanches and Julianna Elizabeth Connant

June 2 — A girl, Audrianna Sunday Marie Schumacher, to Robert Lee Schumacher and Cristen Lynn Zagami

June 3 — A girl, Charlotte Olivia Grant, to Justin Charles Grant and Coryn Elizabeth Barry

June 4 — A girl, Kyler Grace Terrell, to Curtis Scott Terrell and Kristin Ashley Brown

Deaths recorded June 3 through June 7:

May 23 — Shirley Louise Schafer

May 27 — George Raymond Pirnie

May 28 — Donald Ray Webber

May 31 — Elaine Lucinda Hansen

June 1 — Deborah Anne Hudnall

June 1 — Robert WIlliam Ross Jr.

June 3 — Linda Elaine Briato

June 3 — Norma Catherine Moriarty

June 4 — David John Bowly

June 4 — Edward Charles Rodriguez


Marriages recorded May 22 through June 7 (recorded date given):

May 23 — Joseph Arthur Fontana and Carolyn Marie Petersen

May 23 — Kristen Mary Mejia and James Alan Marable Jr.

May 23 — Joshua Ray Rowland and Briana Jane Yelton

May 24 — Roger Austin Lewis and Melissa Ann Thompson

May 29 — Stephanie Marie Van Diemen and Miles Nelson Dean

May 30 — Sean Michael Retzloff and Mandy Laura Baca

May 31 — Christopher Nathan Gilliland and Maycie Aline Hill

June 5 — Chianna Merissa Griffith and Jacob Trey Thornburg

June 7 — Amanda Sue Wild and Austin Lee Fouts

Deaths recorded May 22 through June 7:

May 21 — Stacy M. Halstead

May 23 — Alan A. Arestad

May 23 — Leanne Bryan

May 23 — Robert F. Daveggio

May 24 — Alfred T. Burke

May 28 — Rose M. Flanigan

May 29 — Sylvin E. Emerson

May 29 — Robert L. Gunn Sr.

June 3 — Glen P. Linden