They marched in two by two onto Dunlavy Field and under an arch Thursday night.

The Sonora High class of 2019. The program said there were 207 of them, dressed in green caps and gowns.

While Pomp and Circumstance played, some danced, some pointed to people in the stands, some high-fived, fist-bumped, and one couple kissed before parting ways to their designated seats in front.

Thousands sat in the stands to witness a milestone.

The ceremony began with Sonora High School seniors Gail DeGregorio and Patrick Bowman giving welcoming speeches. Senior Dasha Shands-Serret sang the Star Spangled Banner and Carley Ecroyd, Michael Wellman and Jayanna Scott, reminisced on the years at the school. Maria Montano and Isabella Patterson, sang Always Remember Us This Way while Samuel Mirkin, played the keyboard.

Principal Ben Howell presented salutatorian David Wheeler with a medal before Wheeler, who graduated with an accumulative GPA of 4.23, thanked his parents, classmates, teachers and also the kitchen staff, the custodians and the computer technicians who are the unsung heroes of the school.

Howell then presented valedictorian Joseph Accurso with a medal before Accurso, who graduated with an accumulative GPA of 4.27, encouraged his classmates not to dwell on failure, but to learn and move past it.

Many seniors left their seats and joined the Sonora High Golden Regiment band one last time to play Crazy Train.

Howell encouraged students to take purposeful steps to help define their futures.

Row-by-row, each student’s name was read and they were given their diplomas. As a class they sang the school’s alma mater before tossing their mortarboards high into the air with celebratory cheers.