For a full list of Stanislaus National Forest roads expected to remain closed until spring 2021, and maps showing their locations, visit online.

Some roads damaged more than two years ago in the Stanislaus and Tuolumne watersheds will remain closed until spring 2021, according to an updated closure order labeled critical and signed by Jason Kuiken, the Stanislaus National Forest supervisor.

The order specifically prohibits people from going to Beardsley Day Use Area because the access road remains unrepaired.

Other roads still closed since the 2016-17 winter season and expected to remain closed until spring 2021 include a winding stretch of Forest Road 5N95, Hell’s Half-Acre Road, from the Beardsley access road called 5N02, to another road identified by the Forest Service as Forest Road 5N29.

Also in the Stanislaus River watershed, 4700-Foot Road to Donnells Dam remains closed and so does a stretch Candy Rock Road, from the gate about 3.5 miles off Highway 4 to the end of the road.

In the Tuolumne River watershed, a section of Lumsden Road is closed to its intersection with the South Fork Tuolumne River Campground. Crocker Ridge is closed from its intersection with Hardin Flat Road south to its termination point at Five Corners.

Kuiken, the Stanislaus National Forest supervisor since October 2017, said storms in January and February 2017 brought heavy rain, snow and winds that resulted in significant road damage and fallen trees. Damage to most roads and areas damaged more than two years ago has been repaired.

Of the roads that have not been fixed, Kuiken said, “I anticipate these dangerous conditions will exist . . . until crews successfully mitigate the risks, or until they are otherwise repaired and deemed safe for travel.”

Roads that are still closed sustained extensive damage, including complete washouts and roadbed failures, said Tim Hughes, Stanislaus National Forest engineer.

“For example, due to the complexity of the failure on the Beardsley Day Use Road, it qualified under the Federal Highway Administration’s Emergency Relief for Federal Roads program,” Hughes said.

Other seasonal roads in the Stanislaus National Forest will remain closed until June 30 due to remaining snow from the 2018-19 winter.

The 1,400-square-mile, federally-funded Stanislaus National Forest relies on Congressional appropriations each year for money to pay for forest management, firefighting, fire recovery, drought recovery, road maintenance, road repairs, planning, watershed research and other costs. Forest Service budgets in recent decades have been reduced by Republican and Democratic presidents alike, including Trump, Obama, both Bushes, Clinton and Reagan.

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