Marriages recorded May 28 through May 31 (wedding date given):

April 13 — Jonathan Wendall Clay Scott and Ashley Nichole Swinburg

May 4 — Christopher Joseph Graef and Sydney Marie Copello

May 25 — Jacob Ryon Mills and Margaret Elisabeth McMahon

May 25 — Tanya Lyn Johnson Allen and Jason Aaron Sanguinetti

May 26 — Scott Austin Healy and Ashley Amber Rodriguez

May 29 — Matthew Francis Croucher and Casey Amber Lewis

May 29 — Cathy Jane Gilbert and Trey Littlejohns

May 31 — Clinton Douglas Hart and Sheena Alyce Winkler

Births recorded May 28 through May 31 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

May 18 — A girl, Aurora Grace Fisher, to Timothy David Fisher and Chelsea Clo-Anne Dixon

May 19 — A boy, Cash William Sommerfeld, to Tyler David Sommerfeld and Jonnie Nicole Watkins

May 20 — A girl, Madilyn Lee Persson, to Samuel Christopher Persson and Tessa Lynn Jordan

May 21 — A girl, McKenna Marie Wright, to Jared Alan Wright and Lindsay Marie Ballantine

May 22 — A girl, Andrea Guadalupe Guzman, to Alvaro Guzman and Mayra Alejandra Perez

May 22 — A girl, Audrianna Leray Ryan, to Joseph Paul Ryan and Cassandra Lynn Ellis

May 23 — A girl, Rogue Rider Aria Perkins, to Roger Lee Perkins and Rikki Nicole Green

May 23 — A boy, Honor Van Wagoner, to Michael James Wagoner and Ashley Christine Meekins

May 24 — A girl, Victoria May Garnica, to Ivan Omar Garnica Macias and Abigail Hernandez

May 24 — A girl, Serenitee Elizabeth Overstreet, to Adam Gregory Overstreet and Kimberlee Elizabeth Koval

May 24 — A boy, Jameson Alfred Vincent Seal, to Billy Garrett Seal and Meghan Alyssa Rose Martinez

May 26 — A girl, Emery Renaye Burgess, to Lucas Wade Burgess and Kara Kathleen Heppner

May 26 — A boy, Bodhy Graham Loyd, to Kyle Richard/William Loyd and Alexandra De’Lynn Small

May 27 — A boy, Porter Joseph Maddox, to Joseph Haywood Maddox and Grace Lorraine Sharpe

May 27 — A boy, Wyatt James MCDonald, to Steven James McDonald and Shelby Lynn Fraser

Deaths recorded May 28 through May 31:

May 18 — Patricia Ann Dunlap

May 20 — William Wallace McKee

May 21 — Carol Ann Gordon

May 22 — Larry Warren Inks

May 22 — Judy Jane Nutter

May 23 — Todd Ryan Crouch

May 23 — John Fay Rand

May 24 — Frederick John Dummer III

May 25 — Darlene Ann Cuckler Ackerman

May 26 — Alyce Marie Farnham

May 27 — James Edward Lampi

May 27 — Gerald Roy Whitaker

May 29 — Angela Frances Brown