Union Democrat staff

The 2nd Saturday Art Night Committee and the Sonora Chamber of Commerce announced the recipients of this years Mountain Performers Fund Mini Grants (MPF).

Each year, to thank the artists and performers that participate in 2nd Saturday Art Night, the committee awards (seven) $300 mini-grants intended to help improve their opportunities for generating more performances, helping with the business of doing their art and enhancing their professional performance goals.

This year they had eight qualifying applications so the Chamber board decided to give eight grants.

In their own words:

John Sharum; printmaker.

“I would like to do a new series of prints that would capture some of the local beauty and lore of the Mother Lode. Using a classic style of intaglio printing, I am envisioning eight or ten prints based on my photographs from the towns and environments in Amador, Tuolumne, and Calaveras counties. A subsequent lecture on the processes involved, as well as a brief history of intaglio printing could also flow from this work. With copper plates now costing over $35 for a 9x12 plate, this grant will cover the bulk of my raw material costs. Your support would go a long way to helping realize this project.”

Keith Evans; musician.

“I’m solely dedicated to performing music in our wonderful community of Sonora. The 2nd Saturday is such a vibrant part of our and for our artistic counterparts. The grant money will go towards the purchase of anew amplifier that I will purchase from Live Oak Music.”

Terra Manthorne; singer.

“Performing during 2nd Saturday has been a huge highlight in my musical career. It has given me the opportunity to support the town of Sonora and 2nd Saturday as well as build an audience and following. The grant would be much appreciated and used toward buying my own amp. Also, I’m looking to do some recording so I can expand my outreach and professionalism.”

Ayla Buck; artist.

“I had the wonderful privilege of displaying my art at Caroline Leonardo’s art salon, “House o’ Beauty” on 2nd Saturday. The theme was “Le Petite Carnival.” That evening was the first time I had ever put my art up in a gallery. Having my pieces out was challenging, but also exhilarating. I have the opportunity to travel to a six month long art school in Perth, Australia. When I get to this school, we will have the opportunity to go out on the streets of the city and create street murals, do free portraits for locals and tourists, all while developing our technical skills. I am an oil painter, but I will also be growing deeper in drawing, watercolor, and even graffiti and urban art. If I were to win this grant, the money would go directly into paying toward the tuition of the school. Receiving this grant would make a huge impact in not only my life by bettering my own skills, but it would greatly impact the lives of others from all over the world.”

Leilani Villamor; singer.

“My plan is to buy a camera for live recordings of performances, including 2nd Saturday, to share on social. I have been actively posting live videos to people who are not able to come out and participate in these live events including the elderly and people suffering from limited mobility and sickness. This money would help pay for most of the cost of the camera and help me buy the additional equipment needed to complete the video package.”

Angela Bulich; artist.

“I’m so excited to learn of this grant that invests in the genesis of art and culture in Sonora. Thank you for this potential opportunity. 2nd Saturday holds a special place in my heart. I am a 26-year-old painter and sculptor. I have been making and showing work in formal art spaces for 6 years. I also make alternative modern jewelry designs that relate to my theme of paintings. My idea is to contact the landlord of an empty retail building downtown and rent out the building for a 2nd Saturday weekend to have a full “pop up” gallery show. I would invest in marketing material, radio advertising, The Weekender advertising, and posters to put around town. The other money would be invested in materials to create more paintings for the pop up gallery show and hardware to put the show in place. I would also like to curate more artists to be in this show alongside my work. If there is money left I would like to have a participatory art mural that would have materials easily available for 2nd Saturday guests to contribute onto. This would be an area set up with a blank canvas, paint, and paintbrushes.”

Johsua Lewicki; musician, artist.

“I play trumpet in the Free Radicals, a local jazz quartet which has become a regular fixture of the Sonora and Calaveras areas. As I like to put it, we play at any business in downtown Sonora that we can squeeze into. In addition to my musical exploits, I have been exploring and presenting shinier, or at least more unexpected, facets of my imagination, largely in the form of clothing design. My work was on display at The House o’ Beauty for six months of the past year and enjoyed a level of success, both critical and financial, that I did not previously believe possible. I have a solo exhibition planned for this spring, in which I would like to pursue both a greater level of tailoring skill and creative expression.

I plan to devote time and funds for my personal business, including a website and business cards; photos professionally printed, a bound collection of photographs of my clothing (also known as a lookbook) and, of course, I am always in need of supplies such as needles, thread, and fabric. I hope to continue my journey of musical and artistic skill for many years to come, because I truly feel called to it, and this grant would go a great way towards helping me along my path.”

For more information go to www.2ndsaturdayartnight.org or www.sonorachamber.org.