A woman sustained major injuries after her legs were crushed between a vehicle and an ATM machine at The Junction shopping center in Sonora Wednesday afternoon during a lull in a major hail storm.

Jazper Porter, 28, an employee of Kathy’s Miracle Cleaners at The Junction, said at 12:22 p.m. she watched an older-model silver Hyundai careen over a sidewalk and hit a woman using a Wells Fargo ATM machine.

Porter said the woman screamed and, when the vehicle backed off, she fell to the ground.

Porter, also a pre-paramedic and advanced EMT, said she called 911 and rushed across a crosswalk to the injured woman.

Porter said the woman was likely injured from the hips down.

Sonora-area CHP Officer Joshua McKernan confirmed in a phone message a vehicle vs. pedestrian collision occurred at The Junction on Wednesday.

The female driver of the Hyundai drove onto the sidewalk for an unknown reason, he said.

Porter said the vehicle was a four-door and in a compact style. The driver of the vehicle remained in her car during the incident but did not leave the scene, she said.

McKernan did not offer any context as to the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

Porter said it was not raining, but it had hailed in the area just prior to the accident.

“When it broke, then that’s when all that happened,” she said.

Porter kneeled beside the woman and asked her to speak before the arrival of paramedics.

“She was scared. I just tried talking to her and she said thank you and held my hand. She was pretty traumatized,” Porter said.

The woman said she was 67 years old, Porter said.

McKernan said in the message the injured was woman was transported to a hospital in the Modesto area for treatment of major injuries.

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