Downtown Sonora eased into a more normal schedule Wednesday after the several-inch snow storm caused some stores to close and foot traffic to dwindle.

Mike Mantzouranis, the owner of T.H. Jewelers, said, “We opened Tuesday and had two to three people come in all day.”

But they stayed busy with repairs and custom jobs.

Sue Mart, owner of Clints Trophy and Antiques, said she worked on a window display all day Tuesday.

“Only saw four people walk by all day,” she said.

Elizabeth Kopf, Joan’s Boutique manager, has worked at the store for 12 years.

“We’ve opened late, we’ve closed early, but we have never not opened due to weather,” she said. Until Tuesday.

But they were back to work Wednesday.

Some shops and restaurants remained closed Wednesday. A makeshift closed sign was in the window Wednesday morning at Legends Books and Antiques. Eight other establishments were closed as well.

Diamondback Grill server Claire McDonald said, “The power went out for about ten seconds the first time, then after a little while it went off again for 15 minutes. We had to close around 7:30 p.m. because we couldn't tell if it was going to go out and stay out for good. We had to refund some people’s money who’s food we couldn’t get out.”

Eighty-One bakery posted on all their social media accounts that they would be open all Tuesday and they were. They were spared a power outage until they had closed at regular time.

Owner of The Candy Vault Nancy Leontie said about her son opens and works on Tuesdays and he lives up the hill.

“I told him it wasn’t worth the risk of him driving to open,” she said. She watched the downtown webcam to keep an eye on the streets and her store videos to check to see if the power ever went off. It didn’t.

Lisa Siemonsna, part owner of Wildbud Creative, said they didn’t open the shop Tuesday. She was snowed in at her home in Crystal Falls.

“We decided to make memories of the snow day and take advantage of the family time,” she said. “We’re family people before we are flower people.”