Sonora internist Danny Anderson was back in court Friday to correct the terms of the prison sentence imposed last week.

Judge Donald Segerstrom said he realized after the sentencing hearing that he had erred. He imposed a longer concurrent prison term than the principal term for manslaughter.

The overall length of the sentence did not change. Anderson was sentenced to five years, four months for his role in causing a collision on J-59 in La Grange that killed three people and injured three others in October 2016. He was convicted of triple-manslaughter, reckless driving, hit and run and obstructing a police investigation.

Segerstrom said he knew the case was going to be appealed and wanted to correct the error before it was.

Anderson sat quietly, bound in chains at the wrists and ankles, in the wood paneled courtroom through the proceeding, which took less than 10 minutes. Anderson’s wife, children and two other supporters sat behind him.

On the other side of the mostly empty courtroom was Carolyn Case, the mother and grandmother of two of the victims, and some friends.

Anderson illegally passed a car on J59 as an SUV driven by Case’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Trista Hoffman, was coming toward him. Hoffman swerved to avoid hitting him head on and ran into the car Anderson had passed.

Anderson said at his sentencing hearing last week he does not believe he caused the accident.

Killed in the collision were Trista Hoffman, her mother, Tina, and the passenger in the other car Reinholt John Eisemann. Injured were Dillon Hoffman, Trista’s brother; Annie Johnson, Trista’s friend; and Eisemann’s wife, Dorothy.

Segerstrom went through each conviction, listing the applicable law, and pronounced the sentence for each. He denied probation on all convictions. Anderson has been in Tuolumne County Jail since Sept. 7.

Anderson was given credit for 142 days of incarceration and 142 days for good conduct. His driver’s license was suspended for three years. Segerstrom also again imposed a requirement that Anderson pay $16,689 to Trista’s father and stepmother Dal and Wendy Hoffman.

When the hearing ended, Anderson turned around, looked at his family members and blew an air kiss. As deputies led him from the courtroom, Anderson passed steps away from Case but did not look at her.

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