By Patricia Perry, For The Union Democrat

Although World War I officially ended with the signing of the Armistice on Nov. 11, 1918, there was still much work to be done by the Red Cross. The National Red Cross decided to have a special week in December to raise funds that would be needed in the following year.

Designated as Red Cross Christmas Roll Call week, each adult in Tuolumne County was asked to join the Red Cross by paying $1 in dues. They would receive a 1919 Red Cross membership button for doing so. The week began on Sunday, Dec. 15, which was designated a special Red Cross Sunday. There were to be special Sunday School programs, and the message of the American Red Cross was to be told in every pulpit. The Sunday School room was to flame with Red Cross posters and emblems, along with the Red Cross flag.

In schools, teachers and pupils were to carry home the Red Cross message and to see that each member of the family was wearing the Red Cross membership button before the week was over.

By January, more than 1,600 members had enrolled.

Patricia Perry is the historian for the City of Sonora