Early returns showed Mayor Amanda Folendorf and Alvin Broglio leading in the race for two seats on the Angels Camp City Council.

Broglio had 662 votes, Folendorf had 638. Also running were Mike Darby, 330 votes, and Caroline Schirato, 571. Sarah Lunsford, who dropped out of the race, nevertheless garnered 221 votes.

Folendorf, elected to the council in 2014, became the first deaf female mayor in American history earlier this year. She campaigned on infrastructure improvement and rectifying traffic problems.

Folendorf said Tuesday night she felt her work of the past four years as a council member and then mayor was validated by the returns.

“It makes me confident that I’m doing the work they (taxpayers) wanted,” she said.

She considers her biggest accomplishment as mayor has been hiring a new leadership team for the county. She hopes if her lead holds that she will be able to serve another one-year term as mayor.

The council will consider the mayor’s job at its first meeting in January.

Broglio said he wanted to see more affordable housing, more decent-paying jobs and merging the police and fire departments to save money. He also said he favored an increase in the city’s sales tax, as did Foldendorf.

Broglio, a purchasing agent at Calaveras Telephone Co. in Copperopolis, said Tuesday night that he was excited about the first returns but didn’t want to count on winning until all the votes were counted.

This was his first race, he said, one he decided to make because he has three sons, ages 7, 10 and 13, who he hopes one day will be able to return to Angels Camp and get a good job and affordable housing.

“You can’t buy a pair of underwear in Calaveras County, not that I want a super Costco,” he said.