With 25 of 29 precincts reporting about 10:15 p.m., Calaveras County Sheriff Rick DiBasilio led challenger Gary Lee Stevens by about 2,400 votes.

Throughout the night, DiBasilio said be believed that he would win the race.

“I think I will be victorious,” he said before the election results were issued.

At 10:30 p.m., Stevens said he is not conceding the election and cited the “numerous” provisional ballots he said were yet to be counted.

“I think they're going to be higher than average, and they won't be counted for up to a week. I’m told there's a lot that remains to be seen yet,” he said.

DiBasilio had 8,685 votes or 58.07 percent and Stevens had 6,233 votes with 41.68 percent. In all, 15,805 votes were cast in Calaveras County and 14,918 votes were cast in the Sheriff’s race.

At 8:45 p.m., when Di Basilio still led by almost 2,000 votes with more than 11,600 vote-by-mail ballots tallied, he said he believed the trend would continue.

“I think it shows how the county is going to vote,” DiBasilio said. “I think it’s going to continue with the trend we are seeing right now. I think my numbers are going to continue to be very strong.”

The vote by mail ballots had DiBasilio leading with 6,402 votes, or 58.28 percent; and Stevens had 4,560 votes, or 41.51 percent. 22 write-in votes accounted for 0.2 percent of the votes.

Stevens, an Amador County District Attorney’s Office Investigator, and DiBasilio followed the election results tonight surrounded by their family, friends and supporters.
Stevens said he followed the results from his house in San Andreas with 25 to 75 people, he said. He made no prediction on the outcome of the race.
“I’ll let you know after the results are in. its too early to tell. They won't get the ballots counted until late tonight early tomorrow morning,” Stevens said.
DiBasilio followed the results from the La Contenta Golf Course in Valley Springs with 50 to 60 supporters and was confident that the votes would sway in his favor.
The Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office race has been hotly contested since the June 5 primary election, when none of the three candidates running earned more than 50 percent plus 1 vote to avoid a November runoff.
DiBasilio earned 7,375 votes, or 48.76 percent; Stevens earned 4,282 votes, or 28.31 percent; and Patrick Garrahan, who was eliminated from the runoff, received 3,446 votes, or 22.78 percent. Twenty-one people, or 0.14 percent, voted for write-in candidates and a total of 15,124 votes were cast.

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