A public hearing next week could determine whether a proposed Wendy’s fast-food restaurant is allowed to move forward in Sonora just outside of the city limits.

The hearing is one of three that are scheduled for a public meeting of the Tuolumne County Planning Commission that starts at 6 p.m. Oct. 17.

According to the meeting agenda, Chico architect Gary Hawkins has applied for a site development permit to allow for the construction of 2,568-square-foot Wendy’s on the northeast corner of Fir Drive and Mono Way across from the existing McDonald’s restaurant.

Hawkins was not available for comment Monday afternoon.

Sukhjit Sangha is listed as the owner of the property on the project application, though no other personal information was provided.

The application stated the building would feature a drive-thru window, outdoor patio, on-site bicycle racks, parking spaces, a waste storage enclosure, landscaping and two commercial driveways.

Elements of the East Sonora Design Guidelines would be incorporated into the building’s design, including peaked roofs, a covered porch, horizontal siding and a rock trim at the base of the building and sign.

Access would be provided from Mono Way, which would be right-run only, and the southeast portion of Fir Drive, according to the application.

The county Community Resources Agency notified the 20 people who have adjoining property within 300 feet of the proposed project and received seven responses,

Six of the people expressed concerns that included increased traffic on Fir Drive, noise, garbage from customers littering adjacent properties and roads, the Mono Way driveway interfering with the Highway 108 off-ramp, odor impacting nearby residences, lights shining onto neighboring properties, and lowering home values.

County planners who reviewed the project responded to each of the concerns explaining how they would be mitigated, such as requiring the proposed business to turn off all exterior lights after closing.

This would add to the growing number of fast-food options along the corridor between Fir Drive and Greenley Road.

McDonald’s moved from The Junction shopping center in East Sonora about three years ago to a location that’s kitty-corner to where the proposed Wendy’s would be built.

Kentucky Fried Chicken is also planning to move from The Junction sometime next year after recently gaining approval from City of Sonora to construct a new building in the place of the former Denny’s restaurant in the Timberhills Shopping Center on Mono Way, about a quarter mile to the west of the proposed Wendy’s location.

Also at the meeting on Oct. 17, the commission will consider an application for a conditional use permit and variance by AT&T and Epic Wireless to construct a 206-foot-tall cell tower along North Fork Road about 3,000 feet south of Long Barn Road in Long Barn.

There will also be a hearing to consider a request by B-K Real Estate Investment Properties LLC to change the zoning of a portion of a parcel along Kewin Mill Road in Cedar Ridge to allow for the construction of a single-family home.

The meeting will be held in the Board of Supervisors’ chambers on the fourth floor of the County Administration at 2 S. Green St. in Sonora.

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