Marriages recorded July 2 through July 6 (wedding date given):

June 21 — Jonathan Tyler O’Neill and Jacey Lynn Snyder

June 23 — Daniel Walter Ciabatti and Shawna Nicole Harper

June 29 — Daniel Warren Lindsey and Suzanne Brimage

June 30 — Terry Lynn Northcutt and Pamela Jane Van Houton

June 30 — James Albert Revord and Chara Maise Shopp

July 2 — Paul Christopher Marum and Cicely Chen

July 5 — Julianne Catherine Purtell Lobao and Jonathan Douglas Armas

July 5 — Mathew Scott Trumpower and Anna Maria Alfaro

July 5 — Kim Liza Anderson and Susan Ann Davis

July 5 — Joseph Roger Hoover and Nancy Marcia Marquardt

Births recorded July 2 through July 6 (mother maiden name given in most entries):

June 6 — A boy, Emmett James Livingston, to Jesse Slayne Livingston and Alicia Marie Cast

June 13 — A girl, Amber Martinez, to Jose Luis Martinez and Esmeralda Martinez

June 14 — A girl, Addison Grace Meyer, to Walker Benjamin Meyer and Cassidy Justine Sewald

June 16 — A girl, Ada Louise Everhart, to Eric Richard Everhart and Alexandria Renee Carne

June 18 — A boy, Jiovanni Ramon Williams, to LaBaron Williams Jr. and Lorraine Destiny Santata

June 20 — A girl, Violet Rose Davis, to Jared Paul Davis and Nicole Elizabeth Garber

June 20 — A boy, Christopher Michael Rios, to Christopher Michael Rios and Sara Katherine Critser

June 21 — A boy, Julian Medrano, to Luciano Medrano and Ana Ortega

June 22 — A boy, Jericho Reuben Fairfield, to Matthe Elias Fairfield and Jelaya Krista Jinata

June 22 — A girl, Saige Everly Frey, to Joshua Thomas Frey and Lindsey Melissa Ellis

June 22 — A boy, Matthew Lee Gayle, to Gregory Lee Gayle and Anna Christine Grissom

June 22 — A boy, Jonathan Michael Walliser, to Michael John Walliser and Tiffany Leanne Marsh

June 24 — A girl, Ensley Atlys Broderick, to Robert Michael Broderick and Kristen Elizabeth Bezatis

June 24 — A boy, Jonah Matthew Warner-Davies, to Matthew Paul Warner-Davies and Kristen Marie Devlin

June 25 — A boy, Brody Richard Coffin, to Cody Marcus Coffin and Patricia Elizabeth Campbell

June 26 — A girl, Brooke Joann Castillo, to Nicholas John Castillo and Chrissy Renate Adams

June 26 — A boy, Stanley Ma, to Rui Ma and Yuyang Liu

June 27 — A boy, Jesse Martin Wilson, to Nicholas Michael Wilson and Jaycie-Leigh Duncan

June 28 — A boy, Mason Ryan Moreno, to Jose Angel Moreno-Ramos and Michele Elizabeth Whitehurst

June 28 — A boy, Raegan Michael Royce, to Michael Paul Royce and Alyssa Meleana Maguire

June 30 — A boy, Wyatt Joshua Jensen, to Joshua Wayne Jensen and Brittaney Sierra Sutton

Deaths recorded July 2 through July 6:

June 14 — Ray Maier

June 19 — Anna Nadine Hamilton

June 19 — Louis Frank Ragusano

June 20 — Pamela Ruth Huggett

June 23 — Alice Louise Flora

June 23 — Alice Lucille Taylor Kinney

June 24 — Donald Lee Clark

June 26 — Janet Lucille Johnson

June 28 — Jack Poole

June 29 — Marsh Coach

July 2 — Larry Keith Humpal

July 2 — Douglas Wayne White