Marriages recorded June 4 through June 8 (wedding date given):

May 12 — Jonnie Nicole Watkins and Tyler David Sommerfeld

May 18 — Kevin Matthew McGettigan and Justyne Deena Larson

May 19 — Franklin Ray Hoot and Tess Audra Kirk

June 2 — Edward Joseph Burns and Jaime Kristine Murphy

June 2 — Julie Ann Crist and Eric Lee Ostrander

June 2 — Zachery Michael Gorgas and Samantha Marie Garcia

June 2 — Lawrence William Beller and Cheri Lynn Rosbrook

June 3 — Joseph David Partridge and Julie Anne Embree

June 4 — Dale Lee Braddock and Patricia Linda Belvail

June 6 — Bryan Lincoln Pressnall and Gail Cathleen Peterson

June 7 — Randel George Allen Arwood and Rachel Salazar Lozano

June 8 — Russell Alan Huggett and Patricia Ann Gallno

June 8 — Doris Jeannette Murphy and Raymond S. Nowlin

Births recorded June 4 through June 8 (mother maiden name given in most entries):

May 21 — A girl, Juniper Alice Carkeet, to Brent Warren Carkeet and Alisha Suzanne Hyder

May 21 — A girl, Avery June Hawthorne, to Raymond Matthew Hawthorne and Trisha Lyn Montgomery

May 22 — A boy, Ryder Dean Armbright-Jackson, to Bailey Payne Jackson and Makayla Chaedel Armbright

May 22 — A boy, Jaxon Charles Farnsworth, to Henry Charles Farnsworth and Elyssa Morgan Wyhlidko

May 25 — A girl, Peyton Elaine Dahlinger, to Derek Hans Dahlinger and Destinee Elaine Kennedy

May 25 — A boy, Benson Matthew Ropers, to Matthew Michael Ropers and Lyndsey Leanne Ego

May 26 — A girl, Elizabeth Kay Malone, to Jared Royce Malone and Molly Elizabeth Lininger

May 26 — A boy, Silas Isaac Rodriguez, to Vargas Jesus Rodriguez and Jerralyn Lou Hinman

May 26 — A boy, Trenton Leland Stuart, to Joshua James Stuart and Kristine Mae Corsen

May 29 — A girl, Ella Mae Bluemel, to Tabitha Jean Bluemel

May 30 — A girl, Sadie Jean Neilsen, to William Ryan Neilsen and Christine Anne Schulze

May 31 — A girl, Brianna Lee Costa, to Jeremiah Joseph Costa and Victoria Carolee Rhodes

Deaths recorded June 4 through June 8:

May 13 — Scott Loren Silva

May 23 — Judie Ann O’Farrell

May 24 — Judith Kay Brecheen

May 24 — Lindsey Guy Harmon

May 25 — Maria Concepcion Serrano

May 25 — Elizabeth Dawn Stamper

May 30 — Burnis Wendell Breland

June 2 — Robert Edward Deutschman

June 3 — Vasken Ken Finigian

June 4 — Charles Le Roy Giles Jr.

June 6 — Nancy Ruth Murdoch-Johnson

June 6 — Melburn Elton Penrose

June 7 — James Coley Harris

June 7 — Margaret Mary Lydick