QUESTION: In the past, there was a section of Mono Way in front of Andy's hardware and the plumbing supply that had "do not block" written on the pavement so cars could exit to the east across the stopped traffic. Those sections (2) are still there at the plumbing shop but they did not put them at the new exit to Mono Way from the new construction. Why not? With more folks moving up from the flat lands we are seeing less courtesy on the road, and it will be difficult to head east out of that facility without them.

ANSWER: The miner sure gets a lot of questions about roads. Good thing we’ve got experts on hand like Duke York at the county and Jerry Fuccillo at the city. Here’s what they had to say.

York said that piece of Mono Way – from Greenley Road to Fir Drive – was improved using funds from the county and the city of Sonora.

“But the jurisdictional control on that road is 100 percent inside the city. General Plumbing is a commercial business located in the county, while the Old Andy’s site ( AKA new cancer center ) is in the City of Sonora’s limits. He punted to Fuccillo, who had a fulsome answer.

He said the “keep clear ” zone on Mono Way in front of Andy’s old entrance was not intended to allow left turns for drivers to go east.

“It was put there to facilitate the left turns in from Mono Way,” Fuccillo said.

Since the late 1990s, a sign saying “Right Turn Only “ was posted at that entrance precipitated by many, many accidents as well as a conflict with the left turn out from Timberhills and from Rite Aid.

“In 1996-97 we had 27 accidents over a 19-month period, mostly related to left turns out from Andy’s and Corner Gas,” Fuccillo said.

He said there was never a “Keep Clear” zone in front of the General Plumbing, Bucks Body Shop entrances and Cameron Lane. Rather, the zones were temporary, just for the construction of the Greenley and Mono intersection.

“We were having very severe westbound backups in front of these entrances with lane closures for construction,” he said. “With the recent completion of the intersection project and tune up of the signal light, the backup is much less and these “keep clear” zones are now unnecessary. However, we will wait until the Cancer Center fully opens up to reevaluate their necessity.”

There are no left turns allowed onto Mono Way from the Cancer Center and Corner Carwash. To do so, left turns out of the Timberhills westerly entrance would have to be restricted and a traffic signal installed at the Timberhills central entrance.

“This option was a choice not taken for the Cancer Center,” he said.

So here’s Fuccillo’s directions on how to go east from the Cancer Center:

a. Make the right turn out to a through lane at the signal. Go straight through the signal at Greenley, past Perkos , and then make a left at Sanguinetti Road to go East.

b. Make the right turn out to the left turn lane to Greenley, make the left at Greenley to a left at Sanguinetti to go East.

c. Make the right turn out to the left turn lane to Greenley, make a U-Turn at the light on Mono to go East. Admittedly, this is a pretty difficult maneuver, although legal for a smaller vehicle.

“I think that if the Miner takes a good look at all of the entrances on Mono way at the intersection, I think he will find that the restricted movements and striping changes are for the best traffic flow and safety in a high volume area,” Fuccillo said.