The elected board for Tuolumne Utilities District is expected to appoint David Andres as interim general manager Tuesday, to replace Tom Haglund, who announced in early April he is leaving the county’s largest water and sewer provider in June.

It will be the second time in recent years Andres has taken on interim GM responsibilities for TUD. In 2015, Andres helped lead TUD through a five-year, multimillion capital improvement plan, and set the stage for current annual rate increases that started shortly after Haglund was hired.

The human resources director for Tuolumne Utilities District, Abby Parcon, says Haglund is set to retire June 15. A permanent replacement for Haglund has not been identified. The TUD board of directors, Barbara Balen, Jim Grinnell, Ron Kopf, Ron Ringen and Bob Rucker, met with Andres in closed session May 1.

A proposed employment agreement for Andres has been put together, with a current hourly equivalent of the general manager’s salary, Parcon says. Compensation totals for Andres and Haglund were not included in a staff report about the appointment of Andres.

Asked for those figures Friday, Lisa Westbrook with TUD public affairs deferred to Parcon, who did not respond.

Also Tuesday, the TUD board of directors are planning update a proposal for water and sewer main extensions for a 19-home subdivision on five acres at the northeast corner of Racetrack Road and Jamestown Road. Also known as the Derby Court Development, it’s a Miramont Homes project.

Back in December 2014, Mike and Eric Lemke of Miramont Homes told The Union Democrat their Derby Court project would eventually feature up to 19 single-family homes on lots ranging from 6,400 to 32,874 square feet. The land is just outside Sonora city limits.

Years earlier, the county Board of Supervisors approved plans for a housing development at the same site in 2006 when it was called the Wilcox Parc subdivision. An economic recession a couple years later stopped progress on that project.

Lemke and his brother purchased the tract from the original developers in late 2013. In June 2015, TUD entered into an agreement with Miramont Homes for construction and transfer of water and sewer main extensions to serve the proposed 19-lot Derby Court development. In December 2016, TUD and Miramont Homes amended the June 2015 agreement to extend a performance deadline by 18 months. That 18 months expires June 13.

Antonio J. Ramirez, with TUD engineering customer service, is recommending the TUD board authorize the general manager to execute another amendment to the agreement with Miramont Homes.

The new amendment is intended to extend the performance period of the first amendment by 18 months, and requires Miramont Homes, the developer and/or applicant, to pay TUD labor rates and water and sewer connection and capacity fees that are in effect at the time of application for service.

According to Ramirez, Miramont Homes officials say they are in the process of updating bids for construction and they intend to start construction this summer.

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