Marriages recorded May 7 through May 11 (wedding date given):

May 4 — Chad Jonathan Kerken and Hannah Daley Stewart

May 4 — Jeffrey Thomas Hess and Jodi Lynn Hembree

May 5 — Paul Anthony Ferguson and Annan Marie Pascoe

May 5 — Frank Richard Sylvester and Kelly Kristin Denton

May 5 — Isaac John Curran and Shawna Renee Brisco

May 5 — Allison Lynn Freer and Ethan Alexander Lincoln

May 5 — Joseph Henry Epei Sindelar and Melissa Nicole Tomlin

May 7 — David Andrew Garza and Megan Renea Moore

Births recorded May 7 through May 11 (mother’s maiden name given in most entries):

March 15 — A girl, Prairie Gavilan Goger, to David Benjamin Goger and Bridget Marie Fithian

March 26 — A boy, Sylo Keith Garduno, to Amber Del Garduno

March 27 — A boy, Tuck Everette Michael Haughin, to David Michael Haughin and Savannah Lela Noel Cardinalli

March 27 — A girl, Zoey Jane Dungo Lively, to Zion Raejevick Gatbonton Dungo and Brandy Ann Lively

March 29 — A girl, Victoria Ayala, to Maria Irma Ayala

March 29 — A boy, Drayden Rafael Mocam, to Darwin Franklin Yap Mocam and Sheila Mar Cacafranca

March 30 — A girl, Grace Taylor Martz, to Sebastian Michael Martz and Jessica Michelle Rivas

April 29 — A girl, Vera Elizabeth Billeci, to Nicholas Robert Billeci and Andriana Felicia Danon

April 30 — A boy, Aric Michael-Anthony Lagone, to David Anthony Lagone and Jolimarie Pearl Buster

April 30 — A girl, Paisley Nichole Lanier, to Kele William Lanier and Nichole Christine Shepard

April 30 — A girl, Ottilie Paisley Reed, to Brandon Walter Reed and Monica Daniele Reed

May 1 — A boy, Malachi Gabriel Ayala, to Roy Alvaro Ayala-Solis and Jessica Rochelle Moore

May 2 — A boy, Colton Jerrett Dorner, to Kale Ray Dorner and Nicole Elizabeth Friend

May 5 — A boy, Woodrow Dean Westberg, to Darick Dean Westberg and Amina Mitra Ansari

May 3 — A boy, Alexander Joseph Oliver Dunlap, to Wayne Martin Dunlap and Johanna Lee Lambirth

May 3 — A boy, Joseph David Fish, to Justin David Fish and Marin Taylor Soldano

May 5 — A girl, Lila Grace Schumacher, to Robert Lee Schumacher and Cristen Lynn Zagami

May 5 — A boy, Ian Santiago Yerena Garcia, to Leopoldo Yerena Vargas and Lluva Isabel Garcia Jarquin

Deaths recorded May 7 through May 11:

April 27 — Rauch Ella Hampton

April 28 — Jeannette Fran Bennett

May 1 — Rene Leon Cappadocia

May 3 — Laura Lee O’Bryan Giddings

May 3 — Carol Jean Ledbetter

May 4 — Lyndon Beeler Miller

May 4 — Norah Grace Sprague

May 6 — Ruth Frazier Barnes

May 10 — Kathleen Ann Saylor