The contentious effort to recall the elected Calaveras County District 2 supervisor, Jack Garamendi, was dead in the water Thursday as proponents of the recall turned in no signatures by the 5 p.m. April 19 deadline.

“The effort to recall Jack Garamendi has failed,” Robin Glanville with the County of Calaveras Elections Office said in a phone interview.

Proponents for recalling Garamendi did not respond to messages seeking comment. The recall petition for Garamendi was approved for circulation Jan. 19. The proponents were required to submit 1,319 valid signatures by 5 p.m. Thursday this week.

Garamendi has advocated for regulation of cannabis cultivation for commercial purposes and he voted against the current ban approved by a 3-2 Board of Supervisors vote in January. Proponents of recalling Garamendi are in favor of the current ban.

Garamendi sent out an email 15 minutes before the deadline.

“The failure of this recall is a rejection of the divisive and dirty politics being played in Calaveras County,” Garamendi said in prepared remarks. “The recall proponents, led primarily by persons who do not live in the District 2 that I represent, knowingly based their campaign on outright lies assuming the residents of D2 could not distinguish between fiction and reality.”

Garamendi said the effort to recall him was run by a radical fringe group and was a coordinated effort to intimidate him and other supervisors who did not support their pro-ban position on cannabis cultivation for commercial purposes.

“These bully tactics will never succeed and we will not be driven by fear or hate from single-issue special interests,” Garamendi said. “I will not back down from my duty to protect the citizens of D2 and this county, I will continue to strive to make our county safe, healthy and prosperous. It is my hope that now, we can all move forward with current county business.”

Garamendi and his staff described Thursday as a victory for residents of District 2.

The recall effort, which first began in October 2017, was an effort to intimidate and pressure Garamendi during the debate on cannabis regulation, Garamendi and his staff said.

Glanville said proponents for recalling Garamendi can start the recall process over again if they want to. They would have to serve the person they want to try to recall, and they would have to file proof of service as well as a notice of intent with the Elections Office.

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