At least 10 people were arrested or detained at Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club Thursday evening after dozens of Tuolumne County and state law enforcement officials raided the nightclub and hotel rooms on Highway 108 near O’Byrnes Ferry Road in Jamestown.

The operation was the culmination of a many-month undercover and surveillance investigation into reports of narcotics sales, prostitution, assaults and thefts, Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Sgt. Deborah Moss said.

“We’ve had way too many calls out here. We don’t want this to continue in our county, I can say that,” Moss said, but refused to comment on whether the Sheriff’s Office intends to shut down the club.

The Sheriff's Office reported that the owner/operator, Rosalinda Aponte Sanmartin, was not at the business when deputies arrived and had not been found as of 11 p.m. Thursday. She is facing felony charges of maintaining/operating a drug house.

Her daughter, Marlinda Beth Russo, arrived while deputies were there and was arrested on suspicion of maintaining/operating a drug house, according to a Sheriff's Office press release.

At 4:15 p.m., nine Tuolumne County SWAT deputies in an armoured BearCat vehicle, Tuolumne Narcotics Team agents, about 10 California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control officers, and multiple Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office detectives and patrol units surrounded the property.

A light rain fell as three unmarked trucks and three unmarked SUVs surrounded the west end of the property. ABC officers, with handguns or rifles drawn, huddled behind the vehicles, in full view of highway traffic.

The SWAT team searched outside the back end of the property, which was littered with debris, a dilapidated recreational vehicle and a squat white truck. As one SWAT deputy held his assault rifle aloft pointed in the direction of a wooden outbuilding, he was followed by at least a half-dozen other armed SWAT members.

The deputies approached the wooden structure, which was adorned with a blue, purple and yellow mural, and knocked on the outside before pulling aside a sliding door.

No one appeared to be inside, and mounds of forgotten garbage were piled at the entryway.

The SWAT deputies dropped their weapons and continued their search along the rear exit of the nightclub.

Along the front end of the building, six men and women sat, handcuffed, under a flapping American flag attached to a swaying plastic pole.

Deputies and other law enforcement officials passed in and out of the eight hotel rooms on the east end of the property, with one deputy describing the interior as “disgusting.”

Once the search and a subsequent follow-up search had been conducted, some of the officers and deputies began to holster their weapons.

As the investigation shifted to collecting evidence and an evaluation of the property, multiple subjects were trotted out to an awaiting van before their transfer to the Tuolumne County Jail.

Three women and two men were escorted to the waiting van.

As the last woman was being led to the vehicle and was being placed in handcuffs, she hunched over and said “That didn’t hurt,” before bursting into laughter.

One of the detained women, in a pink sweater seated in the back of the van, responded with laughter of her own.

Moss said the five suspects all had either local or out-of-county warrants, but fresh charges could still be pending for them.

After the van left, at least two additional men and three women were detained.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” one crying woman said as she was led to a patrol vehicle by a Tuolumne County Probation Officer. Another woman, dressed in a long leather jacket, heeled boots, fishnet stockings and with pink hair, also cried as she was led to the vehicle.

One woman was identified as the daughter of the owner by law enforcement officials, but the owner was not among the group arrested or detained, Moss said.

With most of the occupants either detained or seated in front of the business, deputies continued their search of the interior.

Flashlights highlighted beer bottles along the walls and a photo of a naked woman on top of a cash register. A low staircase led to a dance pole visible through the door and from the street.

As the day turned to dark, the clouds parted and the rain ceased to fall.

Representatives of Child Welfare Services, Tuolumne County Code Enforcement and the Tuolumne County District Attorney’s Office also arrived to survey the scene.

The hotel rooms, topped with a wooden board that read “MOTEL” and scattered with shelving, a wheelchair and other items, were identified as permanent residences for on-site workers or families.

Moss said the undercover operation was launched in late 2017 in response to multiple reports of criminal activity that had occured for several months, but she could not identify a specific date.

In 2017, Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club generated over 50 calls for service, ranging from assaults to sexual assaults, to code violations and thefts that required a response from the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, a press release said, and over 200 over the past five years.

Moss said she was not sure if any Tuolumne County Sheriff’s deputies had participated in undercover surveillance of the gentlemen's club, but noted that during the investigation, ABC undercover officers identified narcotics sales at the location and at least one occasion when prostitution was solicited by an exotic dancer.

On Nov. 29, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Copperopolis man living in a travel trailer on the property on suspicion of sexually assaulting a woman and threatening her with a knife.

The man reportedly held the victim down against her will and committed sexual battery on the woman.

The woman fled through an open window in the trailer after freeing herself.

Jesiah James Macredes, 40, was booked on suspicion of sexual battery, false imprisonment with violence and threatening crime with the intent to terrorize following the arrest.
In February alone, the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office received reports from a man seeking advice about his 17-year-old daughter apparently working as a stripper at the location, from a man who claimed a bouncer was a pimp, and by a man who claimed to be harassed by the female workers.

Arrested Thursday at the scene were:

Sabrina Carol Wood, 27, arrested on a felony Stanislaus County warrant and new felony drug charges.

Mildred Lucille Kessler, 54, arrested on a misdemeanor Tuolumne County warrant.

Daniel Joel Callahan, 26, arrested on two felony and one misdemeanor Stanislaus County warrants.

Michael Laszlo Streib, 54, arrested on a misdemeanor Tuolumne County warrant.

Beatrice Lee Ramos, 48, arrested on a misdemeanor Rancho Cucamonga warrant.

Jaime Christine Wilcox, 41, arrested on new misdemeanor and felony drug charges.

Breanna Noel Gallegos, 22, arrested on new misdemeanor drug charges

Raymond Jeffrey Bowman, 55, arrested on new misdemeanor and felony drug charges.

Richard Lewis Bennett, 53, arrested on new misdemeanor drug charges.

The Sheriff's Office also reported that deputies saw health and building code violations that would be investigated.

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