When Joeri Mosley rushed to the hospital to give birth to her first child, the last thing on her mind was if her daughter would be the first baby born at Adventist Health Sonora in the new year.

But with a planned due date of Dec. 30, Mosley was sure of one thing in the weeks leading up to the birth of her daughter.

“I knew we were going out of the year with a bang, or into the year with a bang,” she said.

As fate would have it, the birth of her daughter, Janessa Lynn Rios, turned out to be the latter.

On Tuesday afternoon, Mosley, 22, and the father, Travis Rios, 24, both of Sonora, sat on a hospital bed holding their newborn daughter, who was at that moment about a day and a half old.

Swaddled in a white blanket speckled with red and pink hearts, Janessa looked into the eyes of her parents and made an occasional gurgle or cry to respond to their voices.

Janessa was born at 3:36 a.m. Monday with a height of 20.5 inches and a weight of 8 pounds, 6.4 ounces.

More babies were born later in the day, said Lindsay Brewer, director of Marketing and Public Relationships for the medical center, but Janessa was the first of the new year.

People had asked the couple, “What if you had the New Year’s baby?” said Rios. “And we did.”

Mosley characterized the event as “exciting,” especially so, she added, because it was the couple’s first baby.

Mosley spent 28 hours in labor, she said, but only pushed for about 20 minutes before Janessa was born.

“She wanted to come into the world. She was ready,” she said.

Even in infancy, both of Janessa’s parents made remarks as to her resemblances — she seemed to have her father’s nose and her mother’s eyes. Unique to little Janessa though, were her small, wrinkled hands and feet, grasping and kicking at the air to investigate the free movement of new life.

The tenor of her parents’ voices seemed to elicit a calmness on her face, and she would blink slowly when given a quick reassurance that she would be fed as soon as possible.

Overall, Janessa was in very good health at birth, despite a little bit of jaundice, Mosley said. When she first held the child in her arms, she added, she was so overcome with emotion that she cried.

She had been “anticipating that moment” throughout the lead up to the birth.

Rios added that he had felt “pure joy” the first time he held his daughter in his arms.

Extended family of the couple were all present at the hospital at the time of the birth, they said, but they were giving the couple “time to bond and all of that.”

Mosley’s obstetrician-gynecologist was Dr. Chrystal Bradley, and Janessa was delivered by Dr. Christopher Jones at Adventist Health Sonora.

The Adventist Health Sonora Birth Center provided the couple with a gift basket for the New Year’s birth, which included diapers, a stuffed bear, a homemade blanket, and other parenting trinkets and treats.

The child’s New Year’s Day birth was also a momentous occasion because of what it beheld for the future, Mosley added.

“It’s going to be really easy to celebrate,” she said. Mimicking the festivities of the holiday, Mosley looked down at her newborn daughter and whispered, “All these fireworks are for you. This countdown is for you.”