Marriages recorded Oct. 30 through Nov. 3: (wedding date given):

Oct. 21 — David Lee Merriott Jr. and Alexandria Raine Moore

Oct. 22 — Bruce Harry Schirmer and Stacey Lynne Hoffmann

Oct. 25 — Yves Michel Dehnen and Darlene Margaret Wilhelm

Oct. 28 — William Ryan Kiarsis and Tracy Pauline Keeney

Oct. 29 — William Larue Friend and Karen Adele Brasesco

Oct. 31 — Chad Jacob Andrews and Courtney Nichole Blackmore

Oct. 31 — Fernando Ruben Alvarez and Monika Alicia Solis

Oct. 31 — Brian Frederick Conroy and Shannelle Renee Thomson

Nov. 2 — Theodore Edward Killion and Claudia Jean McGilvray

Nov. 3 — Logan Philip Metz and Cassandra Marie Chen

Births recorded Oct. 30 through Nov. 3: (mother's maiden name given in most entries):

Oct. 13 — A boy, Kace Michael Speer, to Shane Michael Brett Speer and Sarah Kathleen Lanier

Oct. 18 — A girl, Paisley Parker Duncan, to William Ernest Duncan and Lauren Alyssa Saint Onge

Oct. 21 — A girl, Hazel Mae Heaps, to William Kent Heaps and Kirsten Krystal Thompson

Oct. 23 — A boy, Mason Knox Fabbro, to Derek Alan Fabbro and Ahna Marie Panietz

Oct. 23 — A girl, Blythe Mathieson, to Lloyd Richard Mathieson and Whitney Elizabeth Payne

Oct. 24 — A girl, Eisley Mae Dargon, to Phong Thanh Dargon and Briana Fay Bates

Oct. 24 — A girl, Zybella Aspen Fallin, to Jacob Berri Fallin and Cassidy Ann Filkins

Oct. 25 — A girl, Brinley Mae Alziebler, to David Matthew Alziebler and Zoei Nicole Hoffman

Oct. 25 — A girl, Serenity Joy Martinez, to James Ronald Martinez and Dana Nicole Dinapoli

Oct. 26 — A boy, Tyler Thomas Scharli, to Jeremy Louis Scharli and Tamara Marie Feemster

Oct. 26 — A boy, WIlliam Ray Worthington III, to William Ray Worthington Jr. and Rachael Diana Grant

Oct. 27 — A boy, Rylan Patrick Allan-Davis, to Joseph Ryan Davis and Meara Claire Allan

Oct. 27 — A girl, Madison Jean Marsh, to Matthew Kirk Narsh and Janelle Nicole Connors

Oct. 28 — A girl, Ellamae Rose Inocencio, to Christopher Ocampo Inocencio and Savannah Nicondra Gomez

Deaths recorded Oct. 30 through Nov. 3:

Oct. 25 — Ernest Bryon Boswell Jr.

Oct. 25 — Christine Elaine Hames

Oct. 26 — Betty Delores Sharp

Oct. 28 — John Parlee

Oct. 29 — Betty Muriel Albert

Oct. 29 — Carlos Jesse Alexander

Oct. 29 — Larry Dale Hayes

Oct. 31 — Pete Clinite

Oct. 31 — Phillip Arnold Vigil

Nov. 2 — Rosemarie Margaret Steeley