Marriages recorded Oct. 9 through Oct. 13 (wedding date given):

Aug. 31 — David Michael Polanco and Carol Alexis Evans

Oct. 7 — Jeffery Wayne Alldrin and Phyllis Sawyer Bentley

Oct. 7 — Russell Shane Fraser and Alicia Marie Lafferty

Oct. 7 — Benjamin Arthur Townsend and Amanda Lynn Jackson

Oct. 7 — William Thomas Anders and Grace Marie Rascher

Oct. 7 — Wesley James Schram and Jacqueline Paige Raymond

Oct. 7 — Joshua Daniel Mantzouranis and Kristina Renee Dughi

Oct. 7 — David Jacob Stump and Hannah Lorraine Whitt

Oct. 7 — Francis Paul Gehlen and Barbara Ellen Miller

Oct. 7 — Joshua Michael Binder and Kameryn Brooke Perkins

Oct. 7 — Joy Jessica Bean and Matthew Allen Swiers

Oct. 7 — Benjamin Tanner Deutsch and Sunny Marie Stanton

Oct. 7 — Justin Scott Brown and Barbara Lee Dowling

Oct. 7 — Anthony Derick Sator and Tammy Lanette Brantley

Oct. 7 — James Mark Hildinger and Catherine Denise Wolfenbarger

Births recorded Oct. 9 through Oct. 13 (mother's maiden name given in most entries):

Sept. 26 — A girl, Aspen Kern Ryan, to Marc Douglas Ryan and Leanne Marie Piche

Sept. 26 — A girl, Drew Trinity Ryan, to Marc Douglas Ryan and Leanne Marie Piche

Sept. 27 — A girl, Mariah Mae Gorgas, to Johnathan Paul Gorgas and Meilssa Kay Bowen

Sept. 27 — A boy, Jackson Earl Tolbirt, to Ryan Mitchell Tolbirt and Shelbie Nicole McAffee

Sept. 28 — A boy, Judah Hatton, to Gabriel Austin Hatton and Lora Elizabeth Palkki

Sept. 28 — A girl, Alder Ann Roberts, to Andrew Elije Roberts and Brieann Lynn Powell

Sept. 28 — A boy, Eli Grayson Zoiti, to Cody Eugene Zoiti and Courtney Lee Ann Isaacson

Sept. 29 — A girl, Clementine Augusta-Blue Kersey, to Alan Charles Kersey and Valerie Augusta Blue

Sept. 30 — A boy, Xander Kaikoa Bryan, to Casey Keoni Bryan and Michaela Rose Hazel

Oct. 1 — A boy, Louie Louie Wray Fox, to Canyon David Fox and Megan Michelle Foreman

Oct. 1 — A girl, Calypso Sky Roberts, to Ryan David Roberts and Skyla Star Hartsinck

Oct. 2 — A girl, McKynleigh Aurora Mulkey, to Richard Matthew Ray Mulkey and Christian Elaine Louise James

Oct. 3 — A girl, Brooklyn Paige Bacharach, to Kevin William Bacharach and Brittany Ann Bohart

Oct. 4 — A girl, Olive Leslie Ann Gorham, to Nathan Jerome Gorham and Rebecca Ann Keesee

Oct. 4 — A boy, Benjamin Parker Sage, to Andre Michael Sage and Erin Rae Harper

Oct. 6 — A girl, Desarae Maxine Nova Kern, to Michael Kenneth Mac Kern and Charlene Jo Jensen

Oct. 6 — Jack Mitchell Thompson, to Joel Mitchell Thompson and Kaylen Brooke Hewitt

Deaths recorded Oct. 9 through Oct. 13:

Oct. 4 — Jex Frank Baldwin Sr.

Oct. 5 — Georgia Loreze Clement

Oct. 6 — Daisy Bonner

Oct. 6 — Diana Collene DeRosso

Oct. 6 — Dorothy Jo Eiserer

Oct. 6 — Charles D. Franke

Oct. 6 — Kathy Sue Kauffman

Oct. 6 — Peter William Marinovich

Oct. 7 — Angela Josephine Ricart

Oct. 10 — Linda Lou Blacklock

Oct. 10 — Jean Aura Lee

Oct. 10 — Maria Mosiak

Oct. 10 — Jean Pardina

Oct. 10 — Laverne Anna Foster Parrott

Oct. 10 — Jean Reece

Oct. 10 — Linda Lou Sander