According to the Annals of Tuolumne County, in 1848 Judge Tuttle arrived and built the first log cabin in the county, which became the nucleus for the village called Tuttletown.

In the background of this picture can be seen the Swerer store, built in 1852 by William Swerer. One can see the iron doors, brick walls and wood attic.

Over the years there were several attempts at robbing the store.

In 1855, three men came in and called for drinks. When Swerer came into the room, one of them struck him on the head. Hearing the noise, his partner, Judge Bronson, came down the stairs and was shot in the hip. The bullet then passed through his abdomen. A neighbor, Paul Branagan, heard the shots and, as he approached the store, he too was shot. And then, in 1862, a group of thieves broke into the store, stole his safe and took it a few miles away to blast off the lock. They found only a few coins, as Swerer had been warned.

According to legend, Mark Twain bought his groceries at the store in the winter of 1864-65.

The Swerer family continued to operate the store into the 1930s. An earthquake in 1949 reduced the store to ruins.

On the left is the Gross Hotel, built in 1854 by a man named Edwards. J.F. Gross operated the stage stop in the 1890s and was known for his excellent breakfasts. His daughter, Theresa, was the postmistress. It was also used as a boarding house for miners. The building burned down in January 1950.

— Sherrin Grout