This postcard of the north side of State Street west of Main Street in Columbia was taken after the 1920 fire, with the photographer standing on the lot that is now the Columbia House Restaurant.

To the left is a one story brick building erected in 1854 and purchased in 1861 to be used by Tuolumne Engine Company Number 1. The front of the building was remodeled to make double doors for the fire pumper Papeete.

By this time this image was taken, the only wall standing was the street front with the double front doors, and the pumpers, Papeete and Monumental, had been moved to the “new” firehouse on Main Street.

Next door is the two story Duchow building. Erected in 1856, it housed the Columbia Drugstore on the bottom floor with the Weekly Columbian and then the Columbia Citizen, (two of Columbia’s 10 newspapers) published on the second floor. Currently it houses a pharmacy exhibit.

In the empty space next to the stairs, the State Park System rebuilt a one story brick building which currently houses a dental exhibit.

— Sherrin Grout, Tuolumne County Historical Society volunteer