With part of his property sold for expansion of Greenley Road, Ken Keagy is working to get his car wash reopened.

On Wednesday, he was operating an excavator to fill a 14-foot-hole with drain rock. Keagy removed six underground gas tanks that held 50,000 gallons and is now tasked with filling in the giant hole.

As Keagy was operating the excavator, Alderson fencing was dismantling a perimeter chain fence along Greenley and moving it closer to the carwash, which will be the new property line.

“I’m getting it ready for George Reed” said Keagy.

Keagy plans to keep the carwash operational and move the vacuums under the canopy where the gas pumps were.

His new backdoor neighbor is the Adventist Health Sonora’s Diana J. White Cancer Institute.