Union Democrat staff

Personnel with the Calaveras County Sheriff’s Office released information Thursday afternoon about a marijuana bust in Jenny Lind that occurred three days earlier on Monday morning.

Deputies and county code enforcement officers worked together on the bust. They reported 1,451 marijuana plants seized at an alleged unregistered and illegal grow. No one was around to be questioned or arrested.

“Deputies located a waterline leading to a neighboring property,” sheriff’s staff said in a statement. “It is suspected at this time that the growers were stealing water from the neighboring property.”

Multiple people complained to the county about alleged illegal grading and fencing at a specific property before deputies and code enforcement served a search warrant about 10 a.m. Monday on the 9900 block of Shalimar Drive in Jenny Lind, sheriff’s staff said.

Deputies and code enforcement determined there was a marijuana grow on the property. Sheriff’s staff said it was not registered and it was illegal.

An investigation to determine who was involved with the grow is continuing, sheriff’s staff said Thursday.

Anyone who believes an unregistered marijuana grow has started nearby is urged to call the Calaveras County Marijuana Enforcement Team tip line at (209) 754-6870.