A planned water outage to repair a leaking transmission line went as planned Monday in Copperopolis and service was restored to about 200 homes and 20 businesses, a spokesman for Calaveras County Water District said Monday afternoon.

The outage was announced last week, and it was expected to temporarily cut water service for homes and businesses on and near Copper Cove Drive, said Joel Metzger, a customer relations manager with Calaveras County Water District.

The outage was necessary to repair a leaking water transmission line on Copper Cove Drive.

A detour was in place Monday because Copper Cove was closed between Steeplechase Drive and Black Creek Drive.

“Now that water service has been restored, customers may experience air bubbles and discolored water in their personal plumbing systems,” Metzger said. “While the bubbles and discoloration do not pose any health risk, customers may turn on an outside faucet at the lowest portion of their properties and let it run until the water turns clear.”

Metzger said Calaveras County Water District staff planned to flush the system using fire hydrants in the area to remove any discolored water or air bubbles that may exist in the CCWD system.

Anyone with discolored water coming from taps inside their homes should avoid washing loads of laundry that contain light-colored clothing, Metzger said.