Jason Cowan
The Union Democrat

Proponents of the Measure B cannabis ban have amended a claim they provided to the Calaveras County Elections Department, according to court documents.

Bob Bowerman said in a press release the claim is still deceptive.

David Radford, attorney on behalf of David Tunno and Bill McManus, said they are willing to change language related to monies available from the federal government for cannabis eradication from the “billions” to “millions.”

The change came after Tunno researched the topic and saw he was incorrect, Radford said.

A hearing scheduled for March 7 will determine whether ban proponents have to change any other statements provided on campaign materials for a May 2 vote-by-mail election.

Last week Bowerman filed a lawsuit with the Calaveras County Superior Court to correct what he alleged were a series of eight claims by proponents of Measure B that were false and misleading.

Other allegations listed include:

• Regulations have attracted illegal businesses from around the world.

• Median housing prices increase at a lower rate than neighboring counties.

• Top county officials have said it would cost the same to ban as it would to regulate.

Even with the modification Bowerman, through his attorney Jasun Molinelli in a news release Friday, said the claim millions of dollars were available to eradicate in the event of a ban was still misleading. He said via email he expects to be successful in most if not all his accusations.

The topic of monies available federally to support a ban in Calaveras was a topic of debate throughout February. A debate ensued during the Feb. 14 Calaveras County Board of Supervisors meeting when Tunno and others in support of a ban alleged during public comment regarding the cannabis cultivation urgency ordinance funds in the range of billions were available federally to fight a ban.

According to court documents, a resolution is required before the elections department can send the materials to a third party vendor. The vendor needs the materials by March 9. The elections department required two days to prepare the materials. Oversea ballots will be mailed on March 17.

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