Rose Wolf Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in Sonora recently honored members of The Community Compass for help they have provided to the center.

The Community Compass is a center for people with developmental disorders and prides itself on “providing positive behavioral programming through a community-focused service design,” stated a press release.

Staff at Rose Wolf take in injured wildlife, from squirrels to deer, and help rehabilitate and release them back into the wild.

TCC members have assisted staff at Rose Wolf three times a week for the past year, helping to maintain the center’s wildlife facilities, a job that previously was done solely by Nina Resnik, Rose Wolf’s founder, stated the release.

They also help feed some of the animals.

“We should’ve done this a long time ago,” Resnik said in the release. “When you have a group like this, it gives them an opportunity to work with the public and the animals. This gives them some joy, and I am happy to do that.”

The Community Compass members were treated to a pizza party in Sonora.

The nonprofit Rose Wolf center can be reached at (209) 588-1335.