Union Democrat staff

Mike McMahon doesn’t usually stack firewood, but this year, with six or seven cords of logs cut from the sugar pines that had died around his Cedar Ridge property, he had to do something.

A guy down the street had stacked his wood in a circle. McMahon thought he’d give it a try.

The more he stacked, though, the more it looked like a pineapple.

“All of a sudden it became a pineapple,” he said.

McMahon, 51, a candy maker for his family’s business, Nelson’s Candy Kitchen in Columbia, said now he has one pineapple pile that’s about 13 feet high and other measuring 9 feet.

And he has a porcupine as well. It’s about 4 feet tall.

McMahon heats with wood, but it will be a few years before he has to dismantle his artful presentation.

His mother, who lives at Sierra Village, saw his masterpieces.

“Build me one,” she said.

She had five or six cords of cedar.

So he’s hard at work on that now. It will likely be 12 to 13 feet tall.

“She thought it was cool,” he said.

What fruit or animal will McMahon try next?

“I don’t know,” he said.

But clearly he’s thinking.