43 years ago

Jan. 28, 1973

Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird announced in Washington Saturday the end of the military draft. His action, placing the nation’s armed forces on an all-volunteer footing for the first time in nearly 25 years, came five months ahead of President Nixon’s goal. In a message to senior defense officials Laird said, “With the signing of the peace agreement in Paris today, and after receiving a report from the secretary of the Army that he foresees no need for further induction of troops, I wish to inform you that the armed forces henceforth will depend exclusively on volunteer soldiers, sailor, airmen and marines.

53 years ago

Jan. 18, 1963

• FOR SALE: Two bedroom completely furnished home on one-half plus acre along creek, Jamestown area, city water, $8,500. Beautiful tree-covered acre on Highway 108, bottom of Twain Harte Grade, includes two bedroom dwelling plus guest cabin. Full price $11,500. Rentals: Small home, partly furnished, $40 month.

One bedroom furnished apartment, one block to Save Mart, $55 month. Furnished cabin,Twain Harte, $36 month, water and garbage paid. Call Virgil Gunter JE 2-4160.

• MONITORS NEEDED: In the event of an enemy attack, registrations are now being accepted for two adult evening courses in civil defense starting Feb. 25 at Sonora High School. The 18-hour course, “Radiological Meter Operation,” will cover the elements of atomic structure, nuclear energy and nuclear weapons.

74 years ago

Feb. 13, 1942

With all the discussions and articles nowadays about Victory Gardens, many people are wondering just what they are being asked to prepare for. The main objective of the Victory Garden is to save transportation costs in bringing fresh produce to our very doors during time of war. With railroads and truck lines being used for moving of heavy army equipment, there is less rolling stock available for moving out usual goods. We must, of course, consider feeding not only ourselves, but the starving peoples of Europe. To accomplish this purpose, canning of surplus foods will be a vital aim of the Victory Garden program.

84 years ago

Feb. 4, 1932

WORK CAMPS — Regarding the unemployment camps, a little anxiety among citizens has been put at rest by the assurance that men brought here to live in the camps will not become permanent indigents of Tuolumne County, but will be taken care of by the State of California.

87 years ago

Jan. 19, 1929

While no official list of condemned buildings is yet ready for publication, it is well understood that the City Council is prepared to order inspection of every building in Sonora which is likely to become a fire trap, or now is, and is therefore a menace to the city.

103 years ago

Jan. 4, 1913


• Edward McGinn has sold to A. A. Neale, the Sonora merchant, 25 boxes of oranges which were grown upon the McGinn family ranch near the Jumper mine, below Stent. The fact of successful orange growing in the altitude of this area is worthy consideration for agriculturalists and all those who contemplate establishing homes in Tuolumne County.

• Matelot Gulch, in Columbia, has been the scene of unusual placer mining activity the past week or two.

• On Bald Mt., Messrs. Keefe and Peterson took out a nice gold pocket this week, and are said to have more in sight. The hills are studded with prospectors all intent on striking it rich.

123 years ago

Jan. 2, 1893

• It is reported that during the week hobos have been visiting the suburban residents of Sonora and carrying off everything they can lay their hands on, with chickens and clothes left on lines their specialty. The toughs generally travel in pairs and are supposed to have a camp in the hills.

Jan.14. 1893

There is a sign on the entrance to the cemetery in Columbia which reads: “No admittance except on business.”

149 years ago

Jan. 9, 1867


• The first-class saloon, the Bella Union, in Jamestown, has passed into the hands of Messrs. Boyle and Whealock, and will hereafter be conducted by them. It is a magnificent affair, attractive to the eye, both internally and externally, and under the control of its new proprietors cannot but be prosperous and a paying concern.

• Bear in mind, all you ball-goers, that A. Griffin and B. F. Hutchins are to give a splendid ball at their place in Algerine Camp, on the evening of the 22d of February. There will be, we hope, a large attendance and a pleasant reunion of the young folks.

• We have learned, by telegraph, that ever since last November leading politicians of the North and South — republicans, democrats, and ex-rebels alike — have been busy at work on a plan whereby their differences may be satisfactorily adjusted, and a general amnesty will prevail.

• There is now in the State Treasury $1,353,468.88.